Oakley Radar Pace combine Siri and Mr Motivator

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The tech world is all about wearable products these days! Computing giants are fighting over one another to get their latest tech attached to our wrists, heads and even feet (yes, ‘smart shoes’ are a thing).

Being that Oakley are regarded as the leaders in performance eyewear, it makes perfect sense that they should try and combine their know-how with new tech to build a pair of smart-glasses.

Working with Intel and Luxottica Group, the trio has created the Radar Pace glasses. For the unimaginative of you out there try to think of them as Google Glasses crossed with Mr Motivator, and you’ll already have an idea what they are capable of.

oakley radar pace
Is it just us, or do those earbuds look like little frog legs?

The connected piece of tech has built-in earbuds to give the wearer useful coaching information and pass on current stats as spoken word. As you would expect from a modern wearable, the Radar Pace can also understand spoken commands too, making them a completely hands-free device. “Ok, Radar” followed by a question or command is enough to get your gigs (more slang words for glasses can be found here) gabbing.

Included external sensors connect to the glasses and an app (for Android or iOS) to track activity and, if need be, make on the fly changes to workouts to get the most out of your training.

oakley radar pace
Yes, they are water resistant and play music too!

Obviously, the smart tech is only part of the package, and being an Oakley product also means you get a high-quality set of lenses too.

Oakley ship the futuristic wearable with their own Prizm lens that offers enhanced details brightens white, greens, yellows, and reds and also allow runners and cyclists to see subtle changes in road texture to aid hazard avoidance.

oakley radar pace
Yes, you could look as cool as this guy!

Oakley glasses are never usually cheap, and the Radar Pace with all its added technology is no exception. Pricing for these “bionic bins” starts from $449 in the U.S which includes sensors, Prizm lens and clear lens, nose pads and a carry case. Can you see yourself chatting to your glasses on a future ride?

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