Best bike under £2500 – Singletrack Readers Awards 2016

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Another strongly contested category as this is really where the range of quality mountain bikes really opens up. It can include full suspension bikes or top-specced hardtails. This was a tough one for the judges to nail down, but they did and it’s interesting to note that the final three are all designed in the UK. We look forward to some aggressive campaigning and partisan voting.

Bird Aeris 140 FS

Relative newcomers to the block, Bird, has quickly gained a strong following in the UK, not only for its competent full suspension bikes but for its great customer service. And with four bikes that sneak under our £2.5K threshold, there’s a lot to choose from.

Bird Aeris 140 FS

Pace RC127

Another company name as old as mountain biking in the UK, Pace had been quiet for a few years until launching the RC127, its up to the minute trail hardtail. With a long, low, slack and feisty geometry on a tough steel frame, it’s a good candidate for ‘quintessential trail bike’. But will it win our award for Best Bike? That’s up to you.

pace rc127Whyte T130S

Whyte has done a great job of becoming one of the big names in Enduro racing in the UK over the last couple of years and much of this has rubbed off on its bike line, with some really well sorted trail bikes coming out of the company. The T130S is a capable and good looking full suspension trail bike that you could ride over any mountain, or race out of the box.whyte t130s

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