MTB Movie Goes Live THIS Weekend!

by Wil Barrett 5

Yes, the wait is almost over! As of Saturday the 6th of August, you’ll be able to download and watch the brand new documentary, ‘Mountain Biking – The Untold British Story’. If you’ve been following the story behind #MTBMovie, you’ll recall that we partnered with Blue Hippo Media last year in a successful crowdfunding campaign to produce a documentary about the history of mountain biking in the UK.

The UK has produced some amazing talent when it comes to mountain biking. Mr Steve Peat is just one of many world-class riders who call Britain home. But how did we get to this point?

The sport of mountain biking is now coming into its 4th decade as of 2016, but few riders are actually aware of that. Even fewer riders are aware of the fascinating history behind the genesis and early development of the British mountain biking scene. Though despite the strength of the sport today, many of these stories have remained untold – until now.

mtb movie the british untold story
How is that for a movie poster! Mountain biking in the UK is coming into its fourth decade, but not many riders know about the early days.

Just two weeks ago, we had a very special premier screening of ‘Mountain Biking – The Untold British Story’ up in Hebden Bridge, where #mtbmovie had its worldwide debut. As you may have already read from our review, the movie received glowing praise from all who were lucky enough to see the premier. There are a bunch of additional screenings planned over the next few months, so make sure you head to the MTB Movie homepage to find out where your closest screening is, and to read all about the movie’s development.

rachel atherton singletrack magazine
Mud and winning races: two things that Rachel Atherton knows a lot about. The Atherton family is a true success story of the British mountain biking scene, and they’ve come on board for #mtbmovie to give their take on how the scene has developed at home.

Otherwise, make sure you stay tuned to over the coming days and weekend, to get all the information and where to download the movie to enjoy in your very own living room!

mtbmovie the untold british story
Yep, we’ve been riding bikes off road for a lonnnng time!

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  1. Will it be available on DVD for us Luddites ?

  2. Loving the pic of Jason McRoy I so wanted to be him as a kid.

  3. DVD? Surely you mean Betamax…

  4. It will be download/streaming only at launch. Other distribution avenues dependent on the success of the initial launch but we’ve ruled out nothing as yet and are busy chasing several other distribution options.

  5. I’m probably just being hugely unobservant, but I can’t see a price for the download anywhere?
    I’d go to a screening but there’s nothing close enough to where I live or work.

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