Fresh Goods Friday #304 Video Wrap-Up

by Wil Barrett 1

Happy Monday Singletrack readers! How was your weekend? Did you get out on the bike for a ride? A race? Or perhaps a pedal to the pub? It was a ripper weekend for all of us here at Singletrack HQ, thanks to some lovely summer sunshine that appeared for a brief minute or two. Most of us got out for a ride, and a bunch of us even pinned on a number plate to tackle the ‘Ard Rock Enduro, which by all reports was a fantastic event. Stay tuned for a race update on that one…

In the meantime, we’ve got a video wrap-up for you from last week’s Fresh Goods Friday #304. Did you catch our Facebook Live video? Chipps introduced the video while cleverly riding a pair of rollers, which he then forced Rob and Wil to try out live on camera in front of half a million followers on Facebook. Didn’t catch the video live and want to see what happened next? Then grab yourself some popcorn and enjoy the spectacle of embarrassment below!

Can’t see the video? Then you’ll need to click here to watch!

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  1. Had a great ride round at Ard Rock on Sunday, got blown off three times! Maybe should have stayed indoors with some rollers.

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