Claudio Caluori Apologises For Atherton Comments

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Redbull MTB race commentator Claudio Caluori has issued an open apology to racer Rachel Atherton following his comments during her World Cup winning run at Mont Sainte-Anne, Canada.

Rachel Atherton seen during the UCI DH World Tour in Mont Saint Anne, Canada. Photo: Bartek Wolinsk
Rachel Atherton seen during the UCI DH World Tour in Mont Saint Anne, Canada. Photo: Bartek Wolinski.

The Trek Factory racer claimed her 12th consecutive World Cup win, which earned her the overall title; despite there being one race left on the UCI MTB calendar.

Atherton finished an impressive 11 seconds in front of runner-up Tracey Hannah. Fellow Brit Tahnee Seagrave took third.

Rachel Atherton performs at the UCI DH World Tour in Mont Saint Anne, Canada on August 6th, 2016 // Bartek Wolinski/Red Bull Content Pool // P-20160807-00086 // Usage for editorial use only // Please go to for further information. //
Atherton blitzed the competition with one more round still to go. Photo: Bartek Wolinski.

However during the race, co-commentator Rob Warner asked Caluori to give his opinion on what makes Atherton so good. He responded with: “Well, we always say she rides with her brother (Gee – who is a five time World Cup winner), so that certainly helps.

Atherton reacted to the comments on her Instagram page.

“Sorry boys – that’s just how badass us girls can be,” she posted along with an image of her top speed.

On a more serious note (directed towards Caluori), when Rob (Warner) asks ‘why is Rach so fast?’, instead of saying ‘because she rides with her brother’, why not say the truth? Because I work DAMN hard!

I train hard with my coach, my mechanics and I work on my bike set-up and suspension like there’s no tomorrow.

I focus on every aspect of racing, I analyse and doubt myself. My experience with injuries has taught me my limits and my abilities.

I live for racing and it makes my heart beat.”

Full post below:

73.6 KM/h 😄😄😄😄 THAT is what I’m talking about!! Beating most of the guys thru the speed trap was pretty unreal & made for some interesting talk at last nights party!! Sorry boys – that’s just how badass us girls can be 😂😂😂 on a more serious note @claudiocaluori @robwarner970 how about when rob asks “why is Rach so fast” instead of always just saying “cos she rides with her brother” why not say the truth?? Because I work DAMN hard!! I train damn hard with my coach , my mechanics and I work on my bike setup and suspension like there’s no tomorrow, I focus on every aspect of racing, I analyse & doubt myself, my experience with injuries has taught me my limits & my abilities, I live for racing, it makes my heart beat!! YES I do ride with my brothers a lot, but I also ride ALOT on my own , and it kind of takes the piss when all you say is “because she rides with her brother” I am, along with all the other women, athletes in our own right, bike riders because WE have the SKILLS, not because we blindly follow the boys with our eyes closed. So Sort it out please boys!!! Otherwise it’s good commentary & a great show @redbulltv 😘😝😜

A photo posted by Rachel Atherton (@rachybox) on

Calouri later posted his apology towards Atherton on his Facebook page.

I am sorry if I have hurt your feelings with my comment about the influence of your brothers on your astonishing performance,” he wrote.

You are a great role model for women in sports and elsewhere. I totally support your efforts for equal rights for women.

claudio caluori
Caluori (left) with Steve Peat in Lenzerheide, Switzerland.

Maybe I was a bit careless but I still believe that family and older siblings – be it men or women – can have a positive influence on a person’s development.

But as you are now even faster than them (Atherton’s brothers), this explanation has proven out-of-date anyway!

The full post below:

The World Cup circuit rolls into Vallnord, Andorra, on the 3rd of September, for what will be the final race of the season.

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Comments (14)

    I can see Rachel’s point – she’s not the only female rider who rides with male siblings, yet she’s in a different league to the other women. But hearing the commentary, I don’t think Claudio singled it out as a main reason.

    But.. like… if she didn’t have the 2 brothers…?
    She’s got a point in her response, of course, but it was a stupid question from Rob in the first place!
    She’s a bloody awesome rider anyway.
    For a girl 😉

    She’s probably got tired of hearing it, I’ve heard the same ‘because of her brothers’ line in the commentary at several rounds this year.

    It’s got to be partly the reason though. How could it not be? Riding with faster people makes you faster.

    Indeed. If she had sisters who rode bloody quickly he’d probably have said it’s because she rides with her sisters. But she doesn’t so he didn’t.

    Rachel’s often said in the past about how valuable it is to ride with her brothers, so it all feels a bit weird…

    I’d like to hear more about the training benefits of riding an alot though.

    I can see why she would be a bit pi55ed off over the “it’s her brothers” reason for being so fast. She wants recognition for working so hard.

    But as said above she’s often credited riding with her family as a way to push her self. I think it’s a combo of hard work courage skill and being able to train with other world class riders that happen to be in her family.

    Blimey she is proper quick regardless!!!!

    They’ve also said similar things about Tracey Hannah. If memory serves me correctly they said similar things about Gee coming from such a strong DH family.

    If you’re surrounded by people who are at the pinnacle of their sport then its a huge advantage, it doesn’t take away from your achievements or efforts. Nothing Claudio said was wrong

    Rachel herself has credited the contribution of her brothers to her success. I think shes getting a bit too sensitive.

    In fairness she’s always ridden with her brothers, but she’s clearly stepped things up recently with a such a winning streak. I doubt she’s riding with her brothers more, she probably riding with them less and doing her own training more. If you’re doing that day in day out and then here someone who should recognize that dismiss you might be a bit peeved.

    Think about a time at your work when you put loads of effort in to something that work, and then you heard a manager dismiss it as if it just sort of happened

    I think Claudio is wrong and here’s why.

    It appears the Athertons are genetically predisposed to be good at riding bikes, also when Rachel was younger riding with siblings who are world class riders would have been a huge help. So these factors would have had played an enormous part in Rachel being good enough to race World Cups.

    But that’s not how Rob phrased his question. Rob wasn’t asking why is Rachel good enough to be a World Cup racer he was asking why is Rachel so much faster than every other woman.

    So Rachel has reached a point now where her brothers influence has been surpassed and her success has to be down to other factors.

    That’s my 2p’s worth anyway.

    Tbh, I am sure there is footage where Rachel herself has used it as a reason in an interview. I can’t remember where or what, but I do recall it.

    “I think Claudio is wrong and here’s why.”
    So does he, which is why he apologised 🙂

    I forgot that DezB is the only person allowed an opinion. We should have closed the thread after your pearls of wisdom.

    Rob asking the question as to why Rachel is so much faster than every other woman at the moment is so far from being stupid. I’m sure everyone in DH, male and female, is trying to work out why Rachel is so much faster in case they can use it themselves.

    Or could it be that TREK actually run a TEAM, she trains with her brothers who ride for the same team and as such she has valuable input from a collective, other “teams” are only that by word as they concentrate on individuals within the collective group, or could it just be that she has a better work / training ethic than her competitors, the end result in her being a bloody great rider?

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