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It’s July, at last, the parched days of blistering heat have arrived…oh, wait, no, that’s some pretty threatening looking cloud outside ST Towers.

…No, honestly Mr Cloud, I didn’t say anything about your mum, really, wouldn’t you just like a nice cup of tea? Please, I’d never hurt anyone and I didn’t tell the police about your criminal mastermind plot to take over the world…

That’s not Vitamin D deficiency induced madness talking. It’s caffeine withdrawal. Before the ST crew collapse on the floor let’s crack on with Fresh Good Friday and go fire up the coffee machine…

Ibis Mojo 3

Price: £2649
From: Ibis Cycles UK

Ibis Mojo353
A new Ibis Mojo 3, in chubster variation, starts us off this week
Ibis Mojo352
That iconic head badge
Ibis Mojo346
Utah dust, rider’s own
Ibis Mojo347
New Ibis offset 738 rims
Ibis Mojo348
Boost Pike up front too allows for 3in rubber
Ibis Mojo349
It’s a very caprese tomato colour, eh?
Ibis Mojo351
Despite appearances, you can run a 2x front mech setup.
Ibis Mojo350
Bolt-thru Boost axle uses a 5mm Allen key

This Ibis Mojo 3 accompanied Chipps on his recent trip to PressCamp in Utah, which is why it’s still covered in dust – he was planning on lacquering over it to keep it permanently on there… The new Mojo 3 is just starting to appear and importers 2Pure have frames in stock (full builds coming soon). The Mojo 3 is a 27.5in wheeled bike, with room for anything up to a 2.8in tyre in there on Ibis’ own wide rims. The bike uses Dave Weagle’s DW Link suspension to give 130mm rear travel. Up front we’ve got a Boost Rockshox Pike with 2.8in Nobby Nics giving supreme traction (in the dry anyway). If you’re not a Plusser, then you can run regular 2.3in tyres (for the same BB height on the same rims Ibis claims)

SRAM Eagle 12 speed groupset.


  • Eagle Crankset: XX1 – £356.00 // XO1 – £328.00
  • Eagle Rear Mech: XX1 – £234.00 // XO1 – £185.00
  • Eagle Trigger Shifter: XX1 – £131.00 // XO1 – £112.00
  • Eagle Cassette: XG-1299 – £353.00 // XG-1295 – £302.00
  • Eagle Chain: £50.00 – £71.00
  • X-Sync Chainring: £79.00
  • XX1 Complete Group: £1,173.00
  • XO1 Complete Group: £1,005.00
SRAM Eagle
None more showy. There is a black groupset for the shy, but why be shy when you’ve got 12 speeds?

SRAM recently launched its new 12speed Eagle groupset with much fanfare and an astounding 10-50T cassette and our Rob went out to ride it first and give us his initial impressions. The Eagle has now landed (can you see what we did there?) and we have our very own 12speed Eagle XX1 groupset for testing in the ‘summer dust’ of Calderdale.

SRAM Eagle 2
Ti Nitride coated machined steel sprockets with an alloy 50 tooth(!) 12th sprocket

SRAM Eagle 3

SRAM Eagle 4
Teeny tiny 10T sprocket up top. Dinner plate 50T down below

Fabric Line 142

Price: £44.99 cromo rails, £64.99 ti rails.
Fabric Line 142

Fabric recently launched its 2017 range and we’ve managed to snag one of its new Line 142 saddles. The regular line is a slender and racy 134mm, so Fabric has made a wider perch for the non-snake-hipped of us. It’s still a race-oriented saddle, with firm padding and a central channel, but made for a 142mm sit bone fit.

Thermarest NeoAir Camper SV

Price: £125
From: Cascade Designs


This mattress is apparently easy to inflate (we’re tempted to get Hannah to put this to the test) and has science sounding stuff like ‘reflective ThermaCapture technology and WaveCore construction’ to keep you warm through three seasons of camping.

Brake Shield

Price: £15
From: Eat My Dirt


A bib for your bike, sort of. Keeps stuff you don’t want on your rotors off your rotors, and also off your floor. If you manage to brake it in normal use, Eat My Dirt will replace it free of charge – result! Jon, who invented this, popped in last week to give us a quick demonstration:

[fbvideo link=”” width=”650″ height=”400″ onlyvideo=”1″]

Legend in a Stream

Price: One sore hip
From: Issue 107 feature, coming soon!


Even when you’re a confirmed Cycling Media Legend, things don’t always go to plan. Here’s Chipps (after we checked he was OK and there was no gushing blood or splintered bone) contemplating getting up out of a stream yesterday. His bike is just out of shot on the right, above the small waterfall that he’d had a little lie down in before this point. And yes, that on his back is the camera bag containing all our best kit. Which was dry, thanks to Chipps putting his face in the water instead of his back. A hero as well as a legend. Read the write up of this adventure in the next issue of the magazine. Which we’d better crack on with and get ready for the printers…

And finally, we said goodbye to rock and roll legend Scotty Moore this week. Scotty played on many of Elvis Presley’s early recordings that helped shape the rock and roll sound. So let’s play out with a final round of Mystery Train. RIP Scotty!

ST Out.

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