Video: How to do Drops

by David Hayward 4

How do you do at drops? Do you fly off them with ease, or succumb to an embarrassingly slow head nodder every time? Phil Kmetz has you covered. We’ve posted videos by him before, and he’s just put out another tutorial, this time on drops. Of particular note is the section at the end detailing different types of drop and advanced techniques.

Recently, I’ve been building up to bigger, faster drops, and occasionally crashing. While I’m comfortable riding drops and pushing the bars forward is second nature, I certainly learned some new things from this. Phil is a talented downhiller, but unpacks things in logical, accessible, beginner friendly ways. The way he analyses a move or skill ties it in with other techniques, making it easy to peg to features you know.

Phil Kmetz - Different Ways to Drop

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  1. That goes against pretty much everything I’ve been taught about riding drops (by a very well respected MTB coach). Some potentially dangerous advice in there IMO. YMMV.

  2. Which bits? The basics he goes through are consistent with things I’ve been taught by a former downhill coach. Also, Phil still has all his teeth.

    I’d hope absolutely no one is stupid enough to watch this and immediately try something big.

  3. It all seemed ok to me, which bits were potentially dangerous?

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