Twicycle – Twice The Spinny-ness

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It’s got handlebars that help drive the bike, it has two sets of gears – and effectively has two wheel drive. And it’s the future of all-over fitness, reckons the designer of the Twicycle.

The entrepreneurs behind the Twicycle say that it “…was invented out of desire to achieve full body workout while cycling outdoors and out of frustration that no such affordable product exist on the market today. It went from an idea to proof of concept to a working prototype in a matter of a few months.”

Yes, you ‘pedal’ and steer and brake with the handlebars


Let’s look at the promo-video shall we?

Can’t see the video? Click here.

Don’t worry, it still has brakes

A clip in the promo video shows the (helmetless) rider on an offroad doubletrack. We asked the designers if that meant it was intended for offroad and they said “This is a road bike, so it is not recommended for off-road use. We plan on working on a mountain bike version in the future.” – which will certainly be worth a look at, right?

And two-wheel drive

Two wheel drive isn’t a new idea – and Christini showed a two wheel drive bike a few years ago. (We’ve ridden one and it’s actually pretty good).


The idea is successfully used on disabled handcycles, where just the hands are used to propel the bike, only here the legs get to join in too. And for tricky sections, the bars can be locked into place to allow more radical steering to take place.

The pad’s to lean on and to stop your face hitting the sprocket apparently
An off road version will certainly be challenging

More about it here:

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    Is it April 1st again…?

    Change it to just front wheel drive, Now you get a real work out…

    Poor research as it has been show that the cardiovascular system can’ t supply sufficient oxygen to support this arrangement. HPV competitions have proved it repeatedly over the years

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