Stooge’s Mega-Wide, Super-Sweepy Moto Bar

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If it ain't moto...
If it ain’t moto…

From the makers of “the sweetest handling, best looking steel 29er on the UK market” comes an of-the-moment bar inspired by the motorcycle handlebars pressed into service on 1970s Klunkers.  A collaboration between Shropshire’s Stooge and Taiwan’s Leeche International, the shape of the Moto Bar was brought about by the fun head Stooge Andrew has after bolting some old moto bars to his own ride.

Stooge Moto Bar 3-4 StockWith its 17° sweep, the Moto Bar is said to be the only 800mm handlebar on the market with so much bend.  The generous 31.8mm centre section provides loads of space for bags, lights, computers, and old-timey bulb horns while positioning the grips further forward than they would be were the bend to start closer to centre.  A 38mm rise contributes to what Stooge call a natural, comfortable position with the ability to turn your bike “into a bit of a hooligan.”

Somehow they 'just fit'
Somehow they just work

Moto Bars are made in Taiwan of black-anodised 7075 aluminum with a (nicely restrained) laser-etched logo.  While alt-bars can be a bit of a love/hate thing, between motorcycle DNA and Klunker inspiration there’s just right looking about the Motos.  Neither cheap nor expensive, Moto Bars are available directly from Stooge for £60.

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