Mumble in the Jungle – Part 2

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Here’s the latest brief report from Jason Miles, telegraphed in from Sri Lanka. Pics by Lucia Griggi.

Not a lot of sleep down here last night, it appears that my iron constitution succumbed to the Sri Lankan Belly and I wasn’t feeling tip top at the start line of the mountain biking today. This is in spite of two cups of the local gritty coffee.

Now THAT’s a personalised finish line!

Undeterred, we set off at a scary pace again up the nearest mountain and after an hour of this the pain in my legs took my mind off the pain in my guts. Not long after the briefest visit to the monument commemorating Mr Lipton and his teabags that any tourist has ever made, we hurtled back down the hill. Henceforth we went up and down and around Tea Land all morning.

Today also featured the silliest, longest bumpy downhill that made my hands and feet go numb for an hour.

San Kapil, of this parish, big wheeling it across a river

I’m now going to bed, even though it’s the middle of the afternoon.
Toodle pip, more tomorrow.

Jungle 4
Jason’s pic “of some Nepalese folk, who are very fast and really liked my yellow shoes”

There’ll be a full report in an upcoming issue of Singletrack Magazine. In the meantime, you can find out more details here:

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