Ellsworth launches the Rogue Sixty

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Something enduro, this way comes…

A stern and striking new bike from Ellsworth
Super-neat machining and a ‘rocker locker’ bolt to keep things solid
No twisting here…

Ellsworth Rogue Sixty

Ellsworth has many fans in the UK, despite there not having been an importer for a while. In the meantime, Ellsworth has been through some ups and downs and a couple of new owners. It’s now all sorted out with a new, keen owner and Tony Ellsworth is still at the helm of the bike design. There’s still no sign of a UK importer at the moment though, so you’ll have to ‘reach out’ to the USA if you’re keen on one.

All frames have rock strike protection and a Di2 battery port
No front mechs here

The Ellsworth Moment was its most popular model and this new bike, the new Ellsworth Rogue Sixty is its fully up to the minute replacement. As you might expect, it offers 27.5″ wheeled ‘aggressive geometry, a longer reach and front centre, a slacker head angle and a steeper seat angle’

The bike is intended to be an out of the box enduro-ready bike with a chunky but light full carbon frame, machined rocker and 160mm of travel. There are four stock builds – with new Shimano SLX, XT, STR and SRAM X01 – all in a one-by setup (there’s no provision for a front mech). A sample price for the XT mechanical complete bike is $6500. There’ll probably be a frame-only version too. Complete bikes will get Race Face cockpit (and 50mm stem) along with DT Swiss wheels, Fox 36 forks in a 160mm travel (Factory spec for all bikes save the SLX which gets Fox Performance forks). Bikes will come fitted with a Race Face Turbine 150mm dropper post too.

DT Swiss wheels throughout
Internal routing of course.

The bike has been put together to be as stiff as possible, with a clever new hex-ended rear thru-axle that stops any rotational twisting of the back end. Chainstays are a short 420mm. There’s also the ‘Rocker Locker’ top shock mount that uses a similar hex headed bolt to keep any twisting forces at bay. Keeping with the stiffness theme, the back end and fork are Boost 148/110mm. You want angles? OK then: 66° head, 74° seat angle. Frames will come in Medium, Large and XL, horizontal top tubes are 23.62, 24.96 and 26.26in respectively, with reaches of 17.01, 18.19 and 19.29in.

Plenty of room up here for big tyres
Transparent finish shows the 3K weave
Thru-axle actually threads on to the hex-bolted rear hanger for stiffness.
160mm of Fox Float X shock travel



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Comments (13)

    No, it’s not hideous.

    of course it’s hideous – it’s an Ellsworth….
    but saying that it looks a lot like a bunch of other rocker link bikes

    Without the downtube script I think it would look like most other linkage bikes and not too bad.

    But it has the downtube script.

    By the standards of Ellsworth, that’s not particularly hideous. At least the seat stays aren’t nearly vertical.

    What is it wit Ellsworth and ugly linkages…? Nearly every other linkage driven full suspension bike at least has linkages that don’t make you want to vomit! 🙂

    Well done Ellsworth. It’s quite a skill turning a fairly bog-standard full suspension design into something only it’s mother could love.

    What is their obsession with linkages all about? It’s not the best looking part of the bike at best of times but Ellsworth just draw attention to it and the shock. Granted it’s not as fugly as the Epiphany but come on Ellsworth. C- at best.

    Well I like it…….!!!

    I like the look of that a lot.

    See that “super neat machining” it’s not! It’s left with a large cusp so it can be machined quickly, it’s looks rough and lazy!

    I liked my Truth, the handling, gorgeous plush suspension, shot peened anodising, it’s beautiful welding, machining & never broke (Unlike the previous bike a Santa Cruz Superlight). That was thirteen years ago.
    I think bikes have moved along a long way since then & Ellsworth taken there same design, made it brighter, ugly (er) & plastic.

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