Singletrack Issue 106: The Cover Shot

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ST X GRIT - BILLBOARDWe can reveal today the cover shot that will be wrapped around the next issue of Singletrack magazine, due out on the 9th June.

We’ve taken a detour away from the rules of cover shots for this issue. What we are meant to do is choose a shot that invokes a sense of aspiration as well as a sense of the season. A rider on a ribbon of singletrack; a puff of dust from the back wheel; elbows out and riding through a golden landscape to reflect the ideal summer’s day in the saddle when it all goes perfectly.

Yeah, well, we’ve not gone there this time. Instead we’ve gone for that sense of impending impact that we reckon every rider has felt in one way or another, often several times in a single ride.

The conditions may be perfect and the sun may have turned the trail to dust, but for you it just didn’t work. That one time the dust gave way and your front wheel slid out, or that rut just got deeper when you thought you could ride it up the side and out. Every rider has been there and if you haven’t then you just aren’t trying hard enough.

Like the best horror films, you don’t need to see the actual horror to know exactly what happens next.

If looking at this image conjures memories of ‘oof!’ then this cover is for you. We’ve been there too. Far too often in fact. We’ll be paying tribute to this all to familiar moment with a special photo gallery of those moments when it’s all about to go horribly wrong. A special selection of images taken after the mistake but before the impact.

Our issue 106 cover was shot by Mattias Fredriksson and there’s still time to subscribe to make sure a copy lands on your door mat.

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Comments (10)

    What happened to the downloadable wallpaper of the cover shot? I can’t seem to find it on the site.

    That’s a brilliant picture!

    Lol. more like fooked and rolling. That looks a big one. It’s the sudden ones that bug me. Where you just doing your thing and thump. Tweet tweet.

    Slooooow mo oof and owww knowing you’ve done something bad with weeks to go before your (booked and paid for) annual bike gig. How I laughed. Not.

    reminds me on the brilliant 2008 crash converters vid ..
    which is sadly not existing anymore

    OK. I like it. That’s good right? Because I usually think only a couple of your covers each year are actually all that good.
    I subscribe and look at shots inside and wonder why some of them aren’t on the cover instead.
    I worked as creative director on sports mags for 20 years so I know the problems, especially with your portrait cover but I look at the mag archive and sometimes have trouble telling them apart right.
    That Richie Slee drop in Garda was epic though with that sting of carabiners on the back…

    Sorry I meant landscape format cover.

    “or that rut just got deeper when you thought you could ride it up the side and out” yep, that was me last Tuesday ending in big head impact! Still trying to work out how much damage I have done. That picture can be my long term reminder now.

    Looks familiar. I’ve got a coat like that, and a rucsac………
    AC joint blown on the left side. 4 months off the bike. But as you say it only happens when you’re trying.

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