Sea Otter 2016: Random Finds

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It’s been a while since we got back from the Sea Otter, but there are still stories to tell. Here’s a gathering of some of the interesting nuggets that didn’t make our daily reports, presented in no particular order for your viewing pleasure.

Yeti ASR-C

This Yeti ASR-C with matching RockShox RS-1 fork wins our ‘Most sorted-looking bike’ award. I mean, just look at it!

Can you say ‘Oooh!’?
With some ENVE M50s, it’s not cheap, but it is gorgeous

Otis Guy’s pickup.

We just like Otis Guy’s mid-50s Dodge pickup truck. That’s all. It was emblazoned with a fellow mountain bike pioneer’s logo – Joe Breeze.


Mmm… rubbery!

The VeloToze folks brought you the stretchy-rubber shoe cover. Now they’re bringing you a rubbery, aero, wind and waterproof helmet cover. Because you can never look too much like you’re wearing a golfball on your head, OK?

Feel the go-faster dimples!


Most unique business card was from Dawn Patrol’s – Seth Beidens, taped to a bottle of home-brew.

Box Components

Every year, Box Components is a step closer to actually producing its innovative shifter. This year it had a working, spinning demo. Push the thumb lever away for easier gears, push the lever towards the stem with your thumb tip for harder gears. It worked very well on the stand.

The Box One rear mech. Neat
Those are 11 sprockets, OK?


After much fuss on its launch, we got to see and handle one of the new Omata crowd-funded, analogue speedos. And we made an important discovery. It’s not pronounced ‘omata’ like ‘omérta’ – the peloton’s code of silence as we’d first thought, but ‘omata’ as in ‘speedometer’ – so speed-omata – geddit? With that cleared up, and finding it to be bigger than first imagined, it did impress with its legible analogue dial (and clever GPS electronics out back).

The metric version has 30kph at 12 o’clock. That’s a stiff average to maintain!

Maxxis jumbo rubber

Maxxis was showing off several new tyres – including these simply enormous 29 x 3in Minion and High Roller 2 tyres. Time to upgrade the Stache or Krampus then?

You’ll hear them coming with these on

Park TS-4

Park Tool’s TS-4 truing stand will work with regular and fat bike wheels, allowing truing of the wheel with the tyre on – even if it’s a giant 5in fat bike tyre. It’s out this summer.

No, that is not a motocross tyre

Comments (7)

    So Box Components are reinventing Suntours answer to STI from 1991?

    I think this is a single lever that shifts up or down the block, be pending on the direction you push it.

    Yes, it’s a single lever. Push it toward the stem and it’ll click down a gear, push the lever away and it’ll shift up.

    The wishbone lever was, in effect, a single lever. But it was 1992. My mistake!

    So it’s like an under bar thumbie?

    Under bar thumbie sounds great – does it have a friction mode?

    Must have those Maxxis 29+ tyres….

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