Redux redux? Stanforth Kibo Rohloff is Ready for Kiliminjaro

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So much yes/no (delete as applicable)
So much yes/no

(delete as applicable)

Simon Stanforth is back with an update to the Kibo, the UK’s premier Kilimanjaro-inspired expedition bike.  For those who missed it the first time around, the Kibo is inspired by early Saracen owners (and Stanforth relatives) Paul and Rick Crane’s 1985 conquest of Mount Kilimanjaro.  Hand built from Reynolds tubing “by the country’s top frame builders,” the Kibo’s geometry and aesthetic effectively recall the early days of mountain biking.

Enduro, before it was cool
Enduro, before it was cool

But it’s not just a retro piece- Reece Gledhill circumnavigated the globe on a Kibo last year saying “It is an incredible machine. As a bicycle novice I needed something that could look after me and it never let me down despite the incredible beating I gave it, not to mention it remaining comfortable to ride for up to 8 hours a day for 10 months on often incredibly rough terrain.”

Shiny shiny, shiny hubs of shifting
Shiny shiny, shiny hubs of shifting

Designed for “go-anywhere long distance cycling” the frame and fork are made in the UK and feature a full compliment of bosses for for bottles, front and rear racks, and mudguards.  While the original’s quill stem remains, its Deore drivetrain has been upgraded to “the definitive global expedition hub,” a 14-speed model from Rohloff.

Ageless cranks

Polished Milldeburn cranks look the part while a Gilles Berthoud shifter and Paul brakes maintain the old(ish) appearance, modern(ish) function theme.  A Schmidt SON dynamo hub and Busch & Muller lamp join forces to take on the darkness.

One doesn't see French CNC'd Rohloff shifters every day
One doesn’t see French CNC’d Rohloff shifters every day

The Kibo Rohloff is available to order now in Dusk Blue, with prices starting from £3,300.

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    A bike for my son maybe? He avoids anything too modern on bikes! Always has a rack or two. Yes it looks a likely one.

    A quill stem too far for me. A nicely made custom ahead stem would have gotten a full three thumbs up. As it is …. Just two thumbs.

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