WTF – Rendered Bad Bike Drawings

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Gianluca Gimini in Bologna had an unusual idea. He went around random members of the public, and got them to draw a bike from memory. Lots and lots of people did.

And lots and lots of people got it wrong.

Gianluca took the most interesting ones, and he rendered them in photorealistic computer-o-vision…

From this….

Okay, so it’s not really mountain biking – although there’s one fatbike in there – but these really are worth a look. Follow the link to see more of them!

…to this!

Gianluca is looking for a sponsor to help him print and exhibit the whole lot. We’d definitely go…

For more of these fantastic images, click here




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    Some new industry standards in there too…

    Rocket dog will have at least one of these!

    Love his work! Brilliant idea, brilliantly done.
    thanks for this ST!

    pretty amusing, thanks for posting

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