Review: Lowepro Viewpoint BP 250 AW

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By Rob


Now I’ve always been a big fan of having a do-it-all kind of bag. Something that I can use as a weekend bag, take it riding, then turn up with it to work on a Monday morning. Sounds like a lot to ask from a bag doesn’t it? But let’s strip it back and ask what’s absolutely essential to make a good backpack.

Storage // Comfort // Practicality

Not too much to ask for aye? All we’re after is a bag that can fit all our shite in and won’t break our backs when we sling it on. Step forward the Viewpoint. It is part of a new collection of camera orientated bags from Lowepro, aimed to suit a new trendy market of riders and photography enthusiasts. So we know this isn’t going to be a bag made for 6-hour enduro rides, but this aims to fit the bill for the pro/amateur photographers amongst us as well as for shorter afternoon mess-around rides with pals or quick commutes to the shops – and for these kind of trips, it works a treat.



Delving into the innards of the Viewpoint then, what have we got? The main section of the bag is split into two, with a void in the top, ideal for storing a spare layer, the obligatory sarnie and a world of energy bars (you know, the ones we throw in every time and never eat). Along with plenty of space to chuck your stuff, there is also a range of mesh zip pockets and little slots in which you can post your multi-tool, tyre levers and keys etc.


Moving down the bag, neatly tucked behind a secret side zip pocket, is a small camera/GoPro/equipment bag/box. Designed to securely store your smaller items, the padded box houses a number of interchangeable foam dividers, giving you the freedom to reconfigure the space in any way you choose. And, as it’s also a completely separate bag, it can be removed all together, leaving you with another whopping great space, for further storage possibilities – bulky cameras perhaps. And if you reach inside the bottom compartment, you can remove the middle separation panel completely, opening up a full enormo-void.

Extruding the GoPro bag


Designed to be a bit more ‘trendy’ and possible even ‘hip’, the pack can comfortably accommodate a skateboard, tripod, fancy water bottle and even your Macbook (other laptops are also available) in a sneaky slot along the back. The zip pocket on the front is a lot larger than it looks, and under this is a velcro compartment. I’ve had this bag for 2 months and I keep finding new features. It’s great! I’m sure there’s a swimming pool in here somewhere.


Chest and waist straps keep the bag in check when riding and if the heavens decide to open above you, there is a tidy rain cover, safely tucked away in another compartment on the underside of the bag.


A well thought out pack ready to help you out in every conceivable eventuality, modern life may throw your way. Practicality, comfort and plenty of storage space – this bag gets a serious thumbs up from me.


Review Info

Brand: Lowepro
Product: Viewpoint BP 250 AW
Price: £96.00
Tested: by Rob for 2 months

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