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Did you procrastinate and miss the Lifetime Subscription offer? (Yes! They are all sold out until April next year now)

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You snooze you lose!

But all is not lost, you can pre-order your copy of issue 105 now and you’ll get it delivered to your door in all it’s extended glory. Here’s what’s in it:

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International Adventure: Patagonia – Barney travels to this remote region of Chilé to find some killer singletrack – and a fair bit of dust.

We Work Here: Rocky Mountain – We take a trip to the distant (but still very wet) shores of North Vancouver, to see the inner workings of one of Canada’s oldest mountain bike companies.

UK Adventure: Dances with Wolves – Andy McCandlish takes a chilly trip down memory lane with Ed Oxley and Andy McKenna.

UK Adventure: Riding Through The Seasons – Sanny extols the virtues of riding all year round.

Room 101 – Mark is the ultimate arbiter of your submissions to our Room of Shame.

Classic Ride: Capel Curig – There’s more to Snowdonia than a few trail centres and a mountain.

Grouptest: Wider Wheels – The Grinder team put six sub-£500 wheelsets through the mill.

Bike Test: Flat-out Race Bikes – We take a look at three nose-to-the-wheel speed machines.

Through the Grinder – A plethora of promising products, assessed by our accomplished assemblage of trusted and true testers.

Grinder Bike: Pivot Mach 4 Carbon – Chipps takes a long look at Pivot’s swoopy carbon trail/race monster.

Wild donkeys roaming in Patagonia

Subscriber Supplemental

This section is only available for postal subscribers, Premier Dealer customers and those bought through our online shop. This issue’s Swiss feature contains stunning photography that you’d be mad to miss.

15 Years of Spine Lines – To celebrate our 15th year, some of the best – and the weirdest – of our Spine Lines.

International Adventure: Suisse Rolling – Jérôme Clementz takes a busman’s holiday in the Swiss Alps.

The Last Word – Antony de Heveningham wonders if we’re actually in the golden age of mountain biking right now.

Here’s a little taste of what you’ll miss if you don’t subscribe:

Jerome Clementz
Jérôme Clementz, the green machine

So, get your pre-order in for issue 105, and while you’re at it, why not also pop over and subscribe so that you’ll get issue 106, plus access to the Premier Features on our website?

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