Day 28 – 30 Days of Biking

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If you’ve not heard of it before, 30 Days of Biking is a personal challenge with a charitable edge. People pledge to ride their bike every day in April, and for every two that do, 1USD is donated to World Bicycle Relief. This year we have six riders attempting the challenge.

Day 28

Yes, it is nearly May. Yes, it is still snowing and raining and horrible.


30 Days of Biking
Aga do do do, shake pineapple…

Glove warming before a ride to the shop for sausages. And by the way, I have day 28 leg ache.


30 Days of Biking
Is he holding a battered fish?

Another commuter day, a different city, Liverpool. A poignant ride considering the events of recent days, concluded with humour in the form of a bronze Ken Dodd.


30 Days of Biking
Lucky caravan campers. Lovely weather for it.

Snow when I woke up, so I went back to bed.
Rain when I rode to work, so I stayed inside.
Sleat on the way home, so I rode the train again.
Mountains on my mind, so I stare at maps.
Weekend please.


This kind of snow is fun. The current stuff, less so.

Snow on the tops with sun in the morning. Cold fingers. Rain, cold rain, in the afternoon. Felt pretty miserable until I came upon a long queue of traffic. There can be few greater pleasures for a cold, wet commuter than passing all the traffic.

Fingers too cold to take a picture, so here’s a library shot of proper snow.


30 Days of Biking
The rare pink flowering oak?

Took the longer road based route for the faux commute this morning. I’d forgotten how much I hate “rush hour” (a.k.a Rush 15 Minutes here) traffic. Phone ran out of juice so no photo of the rather lovely view so here, have a pic of some of the fallout of the squalls blowing through today.


30 Days of Biking
Winter bike: really should be in summer storage by now.

Over the last couple of weeks my work / bike balance has tipped very much in the wrong direction. Today’s imbalance meant I missed out on this week’s ALine evening session although I did get to ride to and from work in the pouring sleety rain. This wasn’t as unpleasant as it sounds until I absent mindedly whacked through a pot hole and punctured – oh the joys of a cold, wet, road tyre tube change.

Enough Already

Ok, the Bank Holiday is approaching. Hands up all those who have booked a lovely family camping holiday…

Hannah Dobson

Hannah came to Singletrack having decided there must be more to life than meetings. Having worked in policy and project management roles at the Scottish Parliament and in local government, Hannah had organisational skills that SIngletrack needed. She also likes bikes, and likes to write.

Hannah likes all bikes, but especially unusual ones. If it’s a bit odd, or a bit niche, or made of metal, she’s probably going to get excited. If it gets her down some steep stuff, all the better. She’ll give most things a go once, she tries not to say no to anything on a bike, unless she really thinks it’s going to hurt. She’s pretty good with steri-strips.

More than bikes, Hannah likes what bikes do. She thinks that they link people and places; that cycling creates a connection between us and our environment; bikes create communities; deliver freedom; bring joy; and improve fitness. They're environmentally friendly and create friendly environments.

Hannah tries to write about all these things in the hope that others might discover the joy of bikes too.

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    I’m booked on the Aline (summer) evening coaching sessions starting on Tuesday. Hope the weather pulls its socks up by then…

    Camping holiday moved to the other May bank holiday. In a forest, away from wind, away from rain.
    Probably get struck by lightning…bastard UK weather. Meh!

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