PMBA releases more entries for fun women and men at Gisburn

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In a couple of weekends on March 20th, the Hope PMBA Enduro series kicks off at Gisburn, and the Powers That Be have announced that there are more places in the fun category for women, and some extra novice places.


The PMBA series was originally founded to provide a platform for riders to get into Enduro racing, with an emphasis on fun, grassroots racing. But the events became so popular that entries fill often full within a day of opening, and often the more experienced riders will be those who take the entries. The organising team have split the Women’s category into two race and fun categories, and the extra 12 Fun Women places will hopefully encourage more ladies to take the plunge and try enduro racing. They’ve also freed up another 12 places for novice men.

Kev Duckworth, PMBA organiser, said, “Gisburn is the ideal round for somebody’s first Enduro, so the extra places should enable more people to have fun experiencing everything the format has to offer.”


If you’re looking for a place, drop the good folk at PMBA a message on their Facebook page or you can e-mail

Tracy Moseley, 3X World Enduro Champion

“Taking the plunge to have a go at your first competitive event is often the biggest hurdle for most women, always worrying that they will be too slow, or in someone’s way! But races are often the place where you get to meet so many like minded people and forge friendships that will last forever. Having a go at a PMBA race is the best way to take that plunge, its a super social, laid back environment, the focus is on grassroots and having fun on your bike. You have no strict start times and can just ride around the course with your friends and have a good day out. You may even forget that it was a race !!! Go on…that that plunge and have a go ! “

Claire Bennett, series regular and adventurer

“The Hope PMBA Enduro series round 1 at Gisburn is perfect opportunity for female riders to dip a toe into Enduro racing. The most friendliest, enjoyable and well organised race series on the circuit is opening up a new category “fun women” if you’ve thought about racing in the past but haven’t yet this is your time! Relaxed transitions, no need to bust a gut to get up the hills, go as fast as you like on the stages to get your overall time and race on both trail centre and freshly made tracks.”

Bex Baraona, 2015 series winner, 2016 EWS full series wildcard

“The PMBA Enduro events have such a chilled vibe and now they have introduced the fun women’s cat it is perfect for ladies who are a bit worried but still want to get involved. I remember the nerves when I signed up to my first race- I wish there was a fun category to get a feel for things!”

Nicole Mallett, all-round fastperson

“Pmba races are a fantastic grass roots introduction to enduro racing. Competitive enough for the serious racer,but still a fun enjoyable laid back atmosphere for those just wanting to give it a go. You get to ride with your mates and make lots of new ones along the way! Take a chance, you might just enjoy it!”


Barney Marsh

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