OneUp Components Goes 10-50T with its new Shark

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Hot on the heels of SRAM’s video statement that the front derailleur is dead, comes this announcement from OneUp Components that it’s making both a 50T hop-up kit for Shimano cassettes, and also combined 10-50T cassette (with input from Hope Technology) that will replace the freehub bodies on Hope, Stan’s and DT hubs to give a whopping 500% gear range with a single sprocket up front.

oneup, shimano, 10-50T, hop up cassette,
Even the second biggest sprocket is a 42T…
oneup, shimano, 10-50T, hop up cassette,
Are your groaning knees happy now?

OneUp already produces a 45T hop-up for Shimano’s 11-42T cassette, but it wants to go bigger! If you run a SRAM 10-42T cassette, the extra oomph available from that 10T is noticeable on road schleps and Alpine meadow blasts…

oneupcomponents, 1x11, 10-50T, hop up cassette
Jumping (with) the shark?

OneUp says; “The OneUp Shark is a set of modular upgrades for Shimano 11 speed mountain cassettes. Extend the range of your stock Shimano 11-42T cassette by almost a third, by adding a 50T sprocket and cage kit, a 10T cluster or both. Shark allows you to build the perfect cassette for the trails that you ride.

Shark 50T Sprocket and Cage Kit
Increase your chainring size by four teeth, and still gain range on both ends of your cassette. This means a higher top speed, a better average chainline (you now spend more time in the middle of your cassette) and legs for days on your next backcountry epic. The converted 11-50T cassette is the widest range cassette available that uses a standard freehub body.

oneup, shimano, 10-50T, hop up cassette,
The derailleur cage is to reposition the pulleys to work with such hugeness

Shark 50T Sprocket Tech Specs:
Cassette Progression: 11,13,15,18,21,24,28,32,37,42,50
Sprocket Material: 7075-T6 Aluminum (50T), Nickel plated hardened steel (18T). Maintains the 42T as the smallest aluminum sprocket, preventing premature drivetrain wear. No major drivetrain manufacturer goes smaller than a 40T cassette sprocket in aluminum.

Compatibility: XT M8000 11-42T cassettes (For Shimano 11-40 use the OneUp 45T sprocket)
Freehub requirement: Standard freehub
Cassette range improvement: 19%
Colours: Grey or Green

Shark Cage Tech Specs:
Pulley Offset: 50% more than stock
Compatibility: Shimano Shadow+ 11spd rear derailleurs
Colours: Grey or Grey/Green

Shark 50T Sprocket and Cage Kit MSRP: $125 USD

OneUp 10-50T Cassette Cluster and MiniDriver

Now, this is where things get even more interesting. OneUp has worked with Hope to develop a ‘non-proprietary, freehub body standard that accepts a 10T sprocket.’ – This is similar to the unified cassettes/drivers that Hope has been showing us for literally years and will hopefully actually make this year… This will allow OneUp to offer cassettes that will replace the cassette bodies on Hope, Stan’s and DT hubs with a new one that will fit a 10-50T cassette on an 11 speed system.

oneup components, 10-50T,
This 10T micro cluster thing will fit on a special, shortened cassette body


oneup components, 10-50T,
Does that amount of gearing appeal? Or are you worried about the jumps in the ratios…


oneup components, 10-50T,
Start with a 10T and finish with a 50T – no more front mechs? Or are they wrong?


OneUp again “OneUp has collaborated with Hope Technology to develop a non-proprietary, freehub body standard that accepts a 10T sprocket. This shortened version of a standard freehub is available for Hope, Stan’s and DT hubs with more coming soon. The MiniDriver open standard isn’t shrouded in patents, making the production of inexpensive 10T equipped cassettes a future possibility.”

10T Cluster Tech Specs:
Kit contains: 10-12 cluster, 14T and 15T
Cassette Progression:
– 10-12-14-17-19-21-24-27-31-35-40 (11-40 Shimano converted to 10-40)
– 10-12-14-17-19-21-24-28-32-37-42 (11-42 Shimano converted to 10-42)
– 10-12-15-18-21-24-27-31-25-40-45 (11-45 OneUp’d Shimano converted to 10-45)
– 10-12-15-18-21-24-28-32-37-42-50 (11-50 OneUp’d Shimano converted to 10-50)
Compatibility: Shimano 11-spd 11-40 and 11-42 cassettes and OneUp’d Shimano 11-45 and 11-50 cassettes
Freehub requirement: OneUp MiniDriver (or compatible)
Cassette range improvement: 10%
Colour: Nickel Plated cluster with Green Lockring
MSRP – $45

“The 500% range of a Shark 10-50T cassette matches a typical 2×11 drivetrain, which should be enough to silence any remaining 2X hold outs.”

oneup components, 10-50T,
Just think if you ran a double chainset too!

MiniDriver Tech Specs:
Length: 4.5mm shorter than a standard freehub
Lockring Thread: M29
OneUp DT star ratchet compatible MiniDriver MSRP – $40

For more details, see

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    Name seems appropriate as they have certainly jumped the shark there…

    Surely this madness has to end soon, evidence that actually whilst 1x is attractive, there is still some life in the front mech. Looking forward to the endless forum threads trying to get these concoctions to work in the real world.

    sounds good to me! My weedy legs need all the help they can get 😉

    Sometime in the not too distant future, cassettes will reach the same point as “20”s on a Corsa….” and the rear mech lower jockey wheel will act like a prop stand.

    So one could put a 10-50 on a road bike with a 50t on the front and get higher and lower gearing than 59-39 with 11-32.

    Well if it works….

    53-39 that was.

    igm – depends if you are ok with wider gaps between gears. Being a mountain biker I don’t seem to mind, but roadies don’t tend to like it.

    Jobber Hill. Swinley Forest. Do a couple of reps of that on the full suss sled and you will gagging for the 50. I was doing it yesterday on the hardtail, 2x, on the granny. It was bliss compared to the cardiac arrest of full suss 1 with a 42 on that hill.

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