(Updated) Kintner and Slavik Take Rotorua Dual Speed and Style Wins

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Jill Kintner competing in the Dual Slope and Style, Crankworx Rotorua 2016
Jill Kintner took a swift first in the inaugral women’s event.

Dual Speed and Style is an odd duck: Competitors race down a dual slalom course populated with various ramps and drops. A racer can win entirely with speed, but if the other competitor falls behind, they can win back time by doing tricks. The more stylish and elaborate, the more time they make up.

This year it was all about speed, with both Jill Kintner and Tomas Slavik leaving people in the dust. It’s the first year they’ve held a women’s event, and Jill beat Casey Brown in the final. Scrubbing jumps throughout, Tomas pipped Kyle Straight for the top spot in the men’s category. At the moment there seems to be no video of Jill competing (UPDATE) Here’s a POV from Casey Brown in the final against Jill Kintner:

(If the video isn’t showing above, try this link)

and here are all of Tomas’ runs:

(No video? Click here).

Alas, after we posted Bernard Kerr’s (incredible) new video yesterday, he had to withdraw due to a shoulder injury.

Tomas Slavik, mens winner of the Dual Slope and Style, Crankworx Rotorua 2016
Tomas Slavik (left) and Kyle Straight.

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