Stan’s Release New ‘Race Sealant’

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Stan’s have just fired a press release into our inbox, stating they’re now releasing a new “Race Sealant” formula, as well as changing their logo and starting a new R&D department named “Stan’s Racing Development” or SRD. They also sent photos of the new bottles and logos, as well as an obligatory gnarr shot.

It’s still based on a similar latex formula, but with some different components added. They say it’s still non-toxic too, and add: “The key difference is the amount and type of sealing crystals used in creating Race Sealant. With nearly twice the amount of our standard sealing crystals, plus additional “XL” crystals capable of sealing even larger punctures, Race Sealant is designed for maximum sealing power. The combination of new larger and more smaller crystals interlock to form a lattice work that not only seals punctured tires faster but also strengthens and reinforces them.”

There are no numbers related to holes or sidewall nicks in the press release; in terms of what it’ll seal it just says “bigger”.


We can only imagine what manner of Stan’s Monsters the new Race Sealant might create if left alone for many months, and the formation of an R&D department over at Stan’s might even lead to edible sealant. The press release has heaps of praise from racers though, including Stan’s/Pivot rider and US National XC champ Chloe Woodruff, and Luna Chix team mechanic Dusty Labarr, saying it’s lighter and higher performing than the old formula Stan’s.

In a race setting, that means they can get away with using a bit less sealant. For most of us, it probably means we can get away with more and slightly worse punctures than before.

Some tyres full of Stans, staying up, yesterday.
Some tyres full of Stan’s, staying up, yesterday.
Anthony Diaz racing with Stan’s wheels and sealant.

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    Have they said how it’s different to the normal sealant?

    Different crystals! Updated with more info.

    Also, the official medical term for what Barney and Chipps got from eating that other brand of sealant is “Booger Belly”.

    Worst property of Stans is the rate at which it dries out, or all the particles aggregate into stanimals. I wonder if the particle changes make that better or worse.

    OK, answered my own question. It’s worse apparently.

    “New product earns heaps of praise from product’s sponsored riders” shock

    Great picture of Stans filled tyres in use. Wish i had taken it.

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