London Bike Show 2016 – Roundup of Win

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There was loads of cool stuff at the London Bike Show  at the ExCeL venue last weekend – far too much to list. But here are just a few of the things that caught our eye:

Stealth ebikeIt’s not particularly Stealthy (apart from the fact that it’s black) – you couldn’t imagine surreptitiously winning any cyclocross races on it – but you’d be hard pressed to find an e-bike that looks more badass than the B52 from Stealth Bikes..x-bionicx-bionic had some hi-tech baggy shorts (the £124.95 Mountain Bike Pants), which needed to be photographed on the bonnet of…DSC_0102this Lambo which just happened to be parked on their stand. Nice.DSC_0103This is x-bionic’s Dave Hemming, holding the biblically weighty tome ‘turn sweat into energy’ which is actually x-bionic’s catalogue. More info from x-bionic.DSC_0074Honda had this neat little concept adaptation for their Civic Tourer, with sliding room for two bikes (road bikes, here, match, but it wouldn’t take much to make it MTB friendly), tools in some neat rear luggage bits, and even a built-in air compressor. Neat idea, or hopeless? It’s only a 3d-printed concept, but we think it’s pretty cool. More on Hondas here.DSC_0073There was also lots of neat bike-packing gear from AlpkitDSC_0124

…a Cannondale fat CAAD with a lefty…

DSC_0125...this rather lovely carbon GT Zaskar build comes with the UK’s first Magura wireless dropper post.DSC_0134On a somewhat roadie-related note, Two Days in Yorkshire is a lovely-looking book on Yorkshire’s moment in the spotlight as the opening stages of the 2014 Tour de France.DSC_0118Cy Cotic was looking masterfully proprietorial on Cotic’s stylishly minimal stand…DSC_0119..which is an excuse enough to show a pic of the lovely Rocket 27.5, which Barney rather liked when he rode it. There’s more info on Cotic’s website.
DSC_0051And lastly, for no reason whatsoever, here’s a pic of a rather lovely slightly lowered 1969 VW Beetle…

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Comments (4)

    Is that an Alpkit version of a Jones loop bar? I hope so. If it is then all they need to do is sell it for less than £100.

    You missed out the Victorian space rocket styled cargo/child carrying electric bike. That was all kinds of awesome.

    Please don’t call the stealth b52 an ebike, it’s an electric motocross bike and totally illegal almost anywhere. It really confuses people what an EU legal ebike is.

    That is exactly the sort of “e-bike” I’m concerned about…. Big signs shouting it does 50mph…. A few of those or similar in your local woods will see all bikes banned quick smart.

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