Core Bike 2016: Hannah’s products of many colours

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Apparently mountain bikers like colours. Lots of them. Perhaps this is so you can coordinate EVERYTHING. Evidence suggests that Chipps sees it as an opportunity to ensure the everything clashes. Here’s Hannah’s  quick round up of the many coloured things spotted at Core Bike. If this is what Hannah saw, goodness knows what Barney’s will be like…

Spank Spoon Pedals

Price: £69.99
From: Hotlines

Available in four colours – black, blue, red and green – and more importantly three sizes, these are pedals made to suit different sizes of feet. At 90, 100 and 110mm wide, there’s a size for everyone, ensuring that even smaller feet will feel the benefit of all the pins in the pedal.

Spank Spoon Pedal

Morgaw Trian and Trian Enduro saddles

Price: £119.99 (carbon rails), £89.99 (aluminium rails)
From: Ison Distribution

For those of you that don’t think there are enough bits on a bike to tinker with, here’s a couple of saddles from Morgaw. This is a highly customisable saddle, currently only available at 133mm wide, which claims to provide comfort through flex in the saddle. Should you choose to, you can alter the amount of flex using some shock absorbers in soft, medium or hard elastomer, at £24.99.

TrianIf you feel the need to coordinate with your bike, you can buy a set of coloured anodised bits in one of ten colours for £14.99. And then you can buy a new set of rails – £54.99 for the carbon ones, or £24.99 for the aluminium. If you’ve still not got enough little bits to play with after all that, you need a new hobby. Possibly some Lego.

Trian Enduro

Fox Head Secret Stuff

Fox gear available from Fox Head

We’ve seen the Special Secret Sauce Super Stuff from the Fantastic Mr Fox, but we’re not allowed to tell you about it. But there are many pretty colours, and it all looks awesome, and we’re looking forward to when it all arrives at Singletrack Towers soon, so that you too can see All The Secret Things once they are no longer secret.

Fox Head Red Bull

Because we weren’t allowed to photograph The Gorgeous Secret Special Super Saucy Stuff, we took some pictures of some other nifty gear that they had sitting about. There was this outfit, worn by the delicious Sam Reynolds when he won Best Trick at Red Bull Rampage last year. If your heart hasn’t been in your mouth recently, you could watch him winning the trophy in this outfit here.

Fox Head Red BullYes, THIS trophy!

In THAT outfit!

Amazeballs isn’t it?

Yup, totally worth hurling yourself off a cliff, upside down, with one hand behind your head and your tongue hanging out. Where do I sign on for next year? My mantelpiece NEEDS one of these, and I will be training along the clifftops in Hebden. Don’t worry, I’ve already alerted Halifax A&E.

Your super sleuth from Singletrack Towers was quick to notice that Sam’s body armour is covered in mud – which seemed an unlikely product of a dusty Rampage run.

Fox Head

Sure enough, he’d been doing a spot of motorcross just before the guys from Fox dropped by to pick this kit up for the show. If you fancy more insight into the dusty world of Red Bull Rampage, Singletrack Issue 103 is out this week and includes a feature on the crazy world of the Rampage fans.

O’Neal Defender Helmet

Price: tbc
From: Moore Large

In a room of loud and bright things, this was louder than them all. Turn on, tune in, and get rad, dude.


Leatt DBX Gloves

Price: £39.99 (4.0 Lite), £32.99 (2.0 X-Flow)

From: Hotlines

Bright gloves with impact gel protection on the knuckles. The 4.0 Lites come with a little more protection on the uppers, and a ‘Nanogrip’ palm. Apparently subtle colours are available should you come over all funny and require such a thing.

Leat GlovesLeatt Enduro Lite and Mountain Lite backpacks

Price: £79.99 (Mountain), £119.99 (Enduro)
From: Hotlines

A little more understated than the gloves, but absolutely rammed with features, including a built in back protector and a heat reflective fabric to help stop your sweaty back making your water all luke warm and icky. The Enduro is fully waterproof, with a 3l cargo section and 2l bladder, while the Mountain is a little smaller (and not waterproof) with a 1l cargo and 2l bladder. The bladder is bespoke, comes with the bag, and apparently is completely dishwasher safe. Result! We’re hoping to get one of these two out on the trail sometime soon.

Leat backpack

Race Face Chester pedals

Price: £46.95
From: Silverfish

A composite pedal available in seven colours, aimed at the budget market.

Race Face Chester


Price: £59.99 (black chrome only, other colours £10 less)
From: Upgrade

DMR’s V12 pedal is now available in the menacing black chrome colour…

DMR pedals

…because there just weren’t enough colours to choose from already in their ever popular flat pedal ranges.

DMR pedals

And there we have it. Get your eyes around that. It was all getting a bit much for Richard, who felt that maybe what he needed was a pair of Oakley Jawbreakers (Cavendish edition, designed with input from Mark Cavendish) to keep his eyes protected from this sensory overload. £190 if you fancy a pair for yourself.


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