North Shore Hiker Sentenced After Trail Sabotage Captured On Camera

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64 Year old Tineke Kraal of BC Canada was given a suspended sentence plus 150 hours of community service for deliberately sabotaging mountain bike trails outside of Vancouver, Canada.

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Trail saboteur Kraal on a log earlier

Local riders became suspicious of logs and other obstacles seemingly appearing on a daily basis across trails in the North Shore area North of the city. So concerned were they that they installed secret infrared cameras on the trails to try and capture the saboteur in action. Today, footage from those cameras helped convict the woman who claimed she never meant to hurt anyone and just wanted to keep the trails free of bikers for the benefit of walkers.

Prosecuters pushed for a three month house arrest sentence while Kraal’s defence argued for a conditional discharge. In the end the judge didn’t agree with the prosecution that her intention was to impale riders but that her actions on camera indicated a ‘casual approach’ to laying the obstacles. The prosecution claimed that Kraal’s arrest in January brought to an end a two year, almost daily campaign of sabotage.

Kraal said she was very sorry and that she just wanted to slow the bikers down. In the end she was sentenced for the charge of ‘mischief rendering property dangerous, useless or inoperative’.

Footage of Kraal laying traps for bikers that helped convict her.





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    Misguided or just stupid?

    Or malicious and just pretending not to be when caught? It still puzzles me why people need to reduce other peoples enjoyment of the countryside to make themselves feel good. If you’re out and about surely you should be happy about it and want to share it with others?

    My step mother who is 85 and has a fair list of medical ailments looks way younger than her!

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