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Barney is away this week having Big Fun on assignment somewhere far, far away. Which leaves the rest of us here in Singletrack Towers trying not to feel churlish about it. Especially as it’s deadline week (issue 103 went off to the printers yesterday, subscribe here if you’d like it delivered to the comfort of your living room. Or maybe just the hallway, unless you’re very friendly with your postie). So, us left-behind-not-off-on-amazing-press-campers are cheering ourselves with the little things in life. Like peanut butter Oreos and some nearly out of date Blue Ribands that Chipps was given by his vet. Yes, the second half of that sentence raises all kinds of unanswered questions. However, none is so great nor the answers nearly so interesting as finding out what bicycling treats have come through our doors this week, so without further ado, it’s Fresh Good Friday.

Kinesis Phase

Price: £399.99 (frame only)
From: Upgrade Bikes
Kinesis Phase Singletrack magazine
Bruce and Olly from Kinesis importers, Upgrade, dropped off the brand-spank-me-new Kinesis Phase with us, fresh from a blast around Stainburn. Both were grinning like loons, which has to be a good sign – or just confirmation that they had found the coffee shop before coming over.
Kinesis Phase Singletrack magazineKinesis Phase Singletrack magazine The “Kinesium” aluminium alloy frame is designed around 27.5 or 27.5+ wheels. In 27.5 guise, it is designed to be run with a 140mm fork. In plus clothing, a 120mm keeps the rest of the geometry in check. It ticks all the 2016 boxes: LLS (long, low and slack – 67degree head angle), boost rear, internal dropper compatible, and of course masses of clearance to fit in 3in plus-sized tyres.
Kinesis Phase Singletrack magazine Kinesis Phase Singletrack magazine
 Upgrade are currently offering the Phase as a frame only option, but they’ve built our large model up with a solid UK-ready trail build. Wheel-wise WTB Scraper 45mm rims are paired with 3in WTB Bridger tyres (mixing their measurement units with aplomb). Bar the SRAM gearing, the finishing kit is provided by the Upgrade brand catalogue – DMR, TRP, X-Fusion and Praxis Works all feature. The fork is a the new Rock Shox Yari. The 120mm fork has the 35mm stanchions of a Pike, but with slightly updated Motion Control damping hiding inside.
Kinesis Phase Singletrack magazine
Kinesis Phase Singletrack magazine Kinesis Phase Singletrack magazine

Stans Bravo Team Wheels

Price: £1350 (pair)
From: Paligap
 Stans Wheels Singletrack Magazine
Bravo Team, this is Alpha, calling. Come in Bravo.
Carbon wheels. We first spotted them at PressCamp 2015 and now we have them here to play with. Hurrah!
Stans Wheels Singletrack MagazineStans Wheels Singletrack Magazine
Stan’s new Neo hubs. Check out the PressCamp report for views of what they look like on the inside and other such technical geekery.

Topeak Dualside Cage & Shuttle Cage

Price: £13.99 Dualside, £8.99 Shuttle
From: Extra
Topeak Singletrack Magazine Cage
 As the name suggests, the aluminium Dualside Cage is designed to be accessed from either side. The plastic Shuttle is designed for confined spaces – you fit the bolts first, and then the cage.

Topeak Mini Morph G

Price: £32.99
From: Extra
Topeak Mini Morph G
The Mini Morph pump, but with a guage. Bits fold out to create a foot pad and T-handle for easier pumping, up to 160psi, and it weighs a mere 178g.

Topeak Mini 10

Price: £12.99
From: Extra
Topeak Singletrack Magazine Multitool

A very small multi tool which will team up nicely with the Nano Torqbox below.

Topeak Nano Torqbar 6Nm & Nano Torqbox 5Nm

Price: £24.99 Torqbar 6Nm, £15.99 Torqbox 5Nm
From: Extra
Topeak Singletrack Magasinze Torqbar Torqbox
Two dinky torq tools from Topeak, to make sure you get your gubbins tight but not too tight. Both come in a variety of preset torq settings, and are rather neatly packaged in little titchy tiny tool cases. Almost like they were made for Workshop Barbie.
Topeak Singletrack Magasinze Torqbar Torqbox
The Nano Torqbar is a complete tool, with 5 attachments: 3/4/5mm hex and T20/T25 Torx.
Topeak Singletrack Magasinze Torqbar Torqbox
The Nano Torqbox marries up with any mini tool or Allen key. Again it comes in a neat mini tool box.
Topeak Singletrack Magasinze Torqbar Torqbox
The Nano Torqbox is kept extra secure by a rubber strap, which can also be used to hold the Topeak mini tool above to the kit, saving you rummaging in your kit bag while out on the trail.

iBridge 64gb Flash Drive

Price: £99.99
From: Leef
leef ibridge singletrack magazine
Compatible with iPhones 5 upwards. Gives you a simple way to transfer big images and other files from and to your iphone. Needs the Leef App. Or add 64gb of storage to your iPhone.


Price: £49.99
From: Leef
leef iaccess singletrack magazine
Out on the trails shooting that sick (poorly) Edit on your GoPro and want to look at what you just shot? Then flick out the teeny memory card and pop it into this tiny iPhone card reader to quickly transfer files to your phone for a quick preview.

Alpkit Keplar Velo

Price: £35.00
From: Alpkit


And finally, we know how much you liked our previous Alpkit merino review. So, for your delight, our designer Rob models the Alpkit Kepler Velo Short Sleeved 100% merino jersey. Designed to be worn either as a baselayer or as a jersey in its own right, it has cycle specific features including a zipped pocket on the rear and gripper elastic in the rear hem.

For some reason that picture of Rob puts us in mind of this..

And there we have it. Barney will be back next week. At least we think he will. We haven’t actually heard from him since he went off to Far Far Away. We’re assuming this is due to a lack of wi-fi rather than a hostage situation that we don’t yet know about. If we’re back next week with a crowdfunding appeal, you’ll know it wasn’t a wi-fi outage after all. Barney, wherever you are, please come back soon. We love you, and we’ve run out of waffle.

ST out.

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