Top Ten Mountain Bike Crashes and Fails

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We all love a good fail video, there’s something about watching other people crash that you just can’t resist. So we’ve picked a few of our favourites here, we might do the most painful and cringeworthy after we’ve stopped laughing at these bangers…

Bring on the fail!
Bring on the fail!

10. Hilarious Mountain Bike Fail (Big Fail!)

A standard crash most of the time but for the unlucky rider there was a small drop just to the side of his landing area. Oops.

9. Epic faceplant! Mountain bike fail

This next fail has everything; slow motion, rewind, crunching noises and lack of commitment on the riders behalf. If you’re going to ride some steps don’t back out last minute and jam on your front brake, you might end up with a sore backside like this epic rider.

8. Cycle Speedway crashes

Various cycle speedway bumps and scrapes.

7. FAIL: Guy Jumps Huge Ramp With No Landing

Now a few words come to mind after watching this fail; idiot is probably the main one.

6. Mountain Bike Gap Crash | Heads Up

A good old train with your mates, maybe next time make sure everyone can actually do jumps, and if they can put them at the front. We like the line choice from the rider who crashed; make your own landing, but watch out for the pile of logs that could stop you dead and make you land on your head.


You may have seen this one before, luckily all these riders seemed to be all ok and not seriously injured. In all honesty I can’t believe more people haven’t made the same mistake, it looked like a take off to me too.

4. Majestic Mountain Bike Fail

Another rider who seems to have a few commitment issues, if you feel like you’re going to fall backwards, my advice would be to not hold your back brake on, gravity might then pull you down.


A good old corner carnage fail. Some pretty majestic over the bar to flight moments and then a guy with no top on absolutely tearing it up. Ace!!

2. Guy fails. Gravity Wins…

“Are you all right. Did you film it”

1. 661 Gravity Enduro at Ae Forest – Corner Carnage

Muddy lollerz at it’s best

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