Gary Fisher On Board To Back The British MTB Movie

by Mark Alker 0

Singletrack and Blue Hippo Media are teaming up to produce a feature length documentary on the history of British mountain biking. Watch the full trailer here.

Starting from the mid 80’s, through a combination of never before seen archive footage and interviews with starts of the MTB scene at the time and since, we are aiming to tell the story of mountain biking as it unfolded on this side of the Atlantic.

Gary Fisher, pioneer of the early MTB scene in the US is giving his full support and will be just one of many names taking part in the documentary to be released in July 2016.

In Gary’s own words…

“We were a rag tag group from California. part hippie, part mountaineer, part roadie, part moto freak,  and then the Brits decide to show us how to go really, really big in every way. The colors! The Sparkle! The mouths! And they slaughtered us. We are not the same. This is that story.”
gary fisher

The film is being funded by a combination of sponsorship and perk enhanced crowd funding. If you would like to get involved then check out our remaining crowdfunded perks here.

Mountain Biking: The Untold British Story



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