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We’ve been discussing favourite words here at ST Towers this morning. Words which are fun to say, regardless of their meaning. ‘Subsequent’ was mooted. And ‘Trouser’. But the overall winner of that one was ‘Plinth’. So it follows that the consensus favourite phrase in the office is…

Subsequent Trouser Plinth

…good luck working that one into a story.


It may have escaped your notice that it’s Black Friday [Actually, it isn’t… perhaps the laudanum is finally affecting your time perception – Ed], so we’ve carefully collated this week’s Fresh Goods to include a variety of brightly coloured things, just to thumb a nose at this new corporate murdered-out trend.

Or have I missed the point?

Specialized Stumpjumper FSR Comp 6Fattie


A magnificently orange Stumpy for a forthcoming bike test, the 6Fattie is a highly fun-looking beastie. 67 degree head angle, 74 degree seat angle and (is it obvious?) 3.0 tyres of maximum boing.

DSC_0149Fox 34s in a nice wide Boosted flavour.

DSC_0148The new Specialized dropper post – 5 inches with 12 positions…
DSC_0152…and the cute, comfy and ergonomic lever which replaces the left hand shifter. DSC_0151SRAM (GX) and Shimano (Deore), together in perfect harmony. Which was presumably Stevie Wonder and Macca’s first choice for the song before they decided to scrap it because neither SRAM nor Shimano were a thing yet.DSC_0153Short(ish) stem keeps things under control.DSC_0147

Fox Float with Specialised’s autosag – pump it up to 300psi, sit on the bike fully kitted out, press the red valve and FEEL THE MAGIC HAPPEN.

Price: £2500

From: Specialized

Scott Scale 710 Plus

DSC_0065More fun-sized goodness in a 650+ sort of package – this time Scott’s Scale 710 plus hardtail. Same geometry as the regular (World Champs winning) Scale, but more fatterer. What’s not to love?DSC_0073Neat and surprisingly simple to use handlebar lever controls…DSC_0067…lockout and stuff on the Fox 32 fork.
DSC_0072Long cockpit, short stem and relaxed (for a hardtail) 67.6 degree head angle.
DSC_007131.6 rigid Syncros post – there’s stealth routing too, should your tastes run to such things.
DSC_0070148×12 Boost back end to keep things stable.
DSC_0074and there’s more Boost in a 110 stylee at the front.

Price: £1899

From: Scott

Yari RC Solo Air


Okay, okay – we couldn’t entirely get away without anything black. The new Yari forks are essentially Pike outers, but with the slightly older (but still ace, if we’re honest) Motion Control damper. And all for less than a Pike. What’s not to love?

Here, Barney makes a pretty successful attempt to conceal his beard from all and sundry, and the creeping realisation that it makes him look like a sort of satanic Noel Edmonds. Oh, OK – a MORE satanic Noel Edmonds.

£560 from SRAM

XX1 GroupsetDSC_0137

a complete XX1 groupset for a Chipps build (no, a bike build; he’s not the Terminator. At least we don’t think so…)

Price: £997.97

From: Fishers

Cateye Volt 6000DSC_0142

6000 lumens. Which is amazingly bright – fluffy bunnies burst into flames when you point around 2000 lumens at them – so if you’re riding with this baby through foliage, it should burn a path straight through. Scorched earth, people, scorched earth. In ‘low mode’ (which is still a perfectly adequate 1000 lumens) you get a whopping 12 hours of burn time. 6000 lumens will last an hour apparently. Slightly disappointed it doesn’t have that stadium lights clunk when you turn them on, but there is a cool little fan inside.

Price: £649.99

From: Zyro

CatEye Rapid X2 and X3 DSC_0143

Surface-emitting LED strips pump out 100 lumens (for the X2 front light) and – er – 100 lumens (for the X3 back light) – win!

Price: £44.99 (X2) and £54.99 (X3)

From: Zyro

Lezyne Digital Overdrive ABS2 Track Pump

DSC_0135Pumpy pumpy pump pump. Digital readout, and sturdy metallic construction. There’s a video all about it here.

Price: £84.99

From: Upgrade

Clif Bar

Clif Bar Clif have sent us a pack of goodies to promote their new Coconut Chocolate Chip flavour bars. The pack includes sunscreen stick, and a variety of charging leads and a power pack. The bars are very yummy though, I’m reliably informed (Hannah has locked herself in the changing room with them. There are lots of chomping noises… …no, Hannah, that’s just the sunscreen. Put it down. PUT IT DOWN)

Price: £19.08 for 12

From: Extra

Topeak Mountain Morph PumpTopeak Mountain Morph Pump

Magnificent-looking mini-track pump sort of thing from Topeak. T Handle, foot stand, and all in a packable format.

Price: £28.99

From: Extra

Crank Brothers Sterling Lg Pump Crank Brothers Sterling Lg Pump

It’s a long air pump! What is long air, anyway? Regardless, the Sterling lg is long (hence the ‘L’) and has a gauge (hence the ‘G’). It’s also got a ‘high volume/high pressure’ switch. Gnarly.

Price: £44.99

From: Extra

Knog Blinder Mob Kid Grid front light

Knog Blinder Front LightRechargeable lightage for your front. Apparently, ‘badass’.

Price: £34.99

Knog Blinder Mob V Kid Grid rear lightKnog Blinder Rear Light

Rechargeable lightage for your rear. Also apparently ‘badass’.

Price: £34.99

Both from Moore Large

Lezyne Micro Floor Drive HV Pump

Lezyne HV Micro Floor DriveAnyone would think we’ve got a mini grouptest on the go. Micro-floor pump from Lezyne. Up to 90psi, sturdy-looking, floor stand. Sahweet.

Price: £34.99

From: Upgrade

Lezyne Tech Drive HV Pump

Lezyne Tech Drive HV My notes here tell me “Black is size medium, Silver/Grey is size small.” Which is a little Alice in Wonderland. But more capable of inflating. Which might be unfair; I have no idea of Alice’s lung capacity.

Price: £24.99 each

From: Upgrade

Lezyne Strip Drive Pro rear light

Lezyne Strip Pro Rear Light In black and red casings to match your bike (as long as it’s black, or red),  the Strip Drive Pro kicks out a mighty 100 lumens, to make sure that if someone rear ends you, it’s not because they didn’t see you…

Price: £39.99

From: Upgrade

Niterider Lumina Oled 800

Niterider Lumina Oled 800800 lumens, with an OLED (wait, how did you guess?), 172g in weight and it only takes 3 hours to charge. Plus, it looks good – which is always a bonus.

Price: £130.00

From: 2Pure

Niterider Sentinel 40

Niterider Sentinel 40And here’s a back light to now with the Lumina OLED – 40 watts of LED power to ensure easy viewage by the rearwardly approaching motorist/cyclist/exceptionally fast runner.

Price: £45.00

From: 2Pure

Time XC8 Carbon Pedals

Time XC8 Carbon PedalsFor another upcoming group test (not the pump one) – carbonium and lightness abounds in these pedals from Time. Nice box and laser-cut foam presentation, too. We all went “ooooh”.

Price: £129.99

From: Extra

Overboard 12L Dry Tube and Overboard Waterproof Zoom Lens Camera Case

Overboard Dry TubeWaterproof bag for storage of precious things that you’d rather not get wet – and a camera case through which we’re promised you can still take photos. Barney is rather hoping it might miraculously improve his lamentable photography skills; we’re reminding him that there’s no cure for what he’s got, which is effectively a non-existent eye for composition, and a great eye for photographic compost.

Price: £18.49 for the bag and £24.99 for the camera bag.

From: Overboard

And that’s another quite substantial Fresh Goods over and done for another week. Next week apparently we’re in for SNOWMAGEDDON, so expect a light flurry on Tuesday.

Have a great weekend!

ST out.


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