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Well, it’s chucking it down here at ST towers. And it’s the sort of day which prompts discussion. Heated discussion, occasionally. And this time, attention focussed on all-time favourite bike videos. So here, for your delectation – but for no particular reason – are our favourites:


Whistler Segment: The Collective:

It’s got Steve Peat in it for one thing and the music was so different to all the cliched speed metal that was all over bike videos at the time. I’m a big Cat Empire fan now as a result of this clip. Pre-drone and even pre-hanging cameras on wires, the crew shot the overheads by suspending the cameraman in a hanglider pouch from a zip wire. The Collective marked the first big step up in bike video production and it’s lead the way to the quality production that we have today.

Get the whole thing here (it’s old, but it’s still ace).


Resident oddball James went for a couple (he’s indecisive like that). Firstly a cornering instruction video (oddball, remember?):

And after pointing his laserpecker at corners, James likes to relax by watching Joe Barnes riding corners. It’s all about the cornering with J-Lo.


New boy Rob scores a winner with Rob Warner’s electrifying/hilarious/dignity obliterating commentary from Danny Hart’s admittedly incredible 2011 Champerey run, which netted him the World Champs:


This was also one of James’ suggestions, but it’s up there for me too – Church:


The boy ‘Chard needs some instruction as to what, precisely, Enduro is (we all know them). Totes hilair:

“What is enduro, bro? I huck stuff real good.”

Got a favourite? Let us know in the comments!


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    That run of Danny’s never gets old. Just bonkers, that coupled with more enthusiastic commentators than in any other sporting event just makes me grin from ear to ear every time I watch it. Love it!

    Never get tired of the Danny Hart commentary – INSANE!!!!

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