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There are a variety of words which are disappointing, not at first glance, but when you realise what they actually mean. Of these, there are two which spring to mind – sesquipedalian, which sounds like a particularly unctuous centipede, but which literally means ‘a foot and a half long’, and crepuscular, which sounds like it’s something to do with oozing and scabs, but really refers to things which happen in the early evening. How bland. Three words, however, which fill the very heart with Joy, and cause all who hear them to praise them Off His Pins, are these: Fresh. Goods. Friday.



DSC_1444Barney headed down to Sunny Exmoor to take a look at the new Trailstar, and also to sample some trails in the area and put some holes in his arms and legs – for a possible new enduro next year (quick precis – they’re absolutely fantastic – keep ’em peeled for a story soon) – but here’s the relaunched trail muncher in all its glory. She’s running ‘skinny’ wheels at the moment, but there’s room in there for 27.5+rubber and wii(iiii)iide 50mm rims with no modifications if you so desire. It’s also available in blue, natch, but there’s something rather lovely about this black one.DSC_1453

We also get a DMR Axe crank on our example – 30mm axle, hollowformed arms, DH strength, trail weight. Sahweet.

Cranks £139.99

BB £34.99


A Zee rear mech sits below a sturdy looking dropout. You can change the dropouts on both sides, to give you 8mm longer chainstays, and room should you desire it for 29er rubber. Versatile, toi?

DSC_1454New TRP Slate 4 pot brakes which will be available soon, stopping fans! Here’s a tidy looking calliper, and…


There’s a nice discreet lever to go with it.

Price: £89.99 per end, not including rotors (from £32.99)
DSC_1446The Trailstar sports an X-Fusion Sweep fork up front, with an hefty 150mm of travel. This year, the fork has the HLR RoughCut damper, which offers lots of lovely low and high speed compression adjustment. Is Nice.

Price: £554.99

DSC_1448Art, see? No, IT IS. And look at that head tube. It’s like it’s been hewn from a solid billet by a craftsman with a lathe and something pointy.

The frame retails at £499.99.

You want to see a blue one? Oh, go on then:

DSC_1464All of this lovely booty is available from Upgrade

Rad8 LG and G MTB Lenses

FGF259 (1)

Photochromic lenses, which adamt to your riding conditions from this new UK company. There’s one frame colour, and apparently 8 variants so you can customise them to your whims (you fickle thing, you). They’ve got anti-fog, and a wrap around design taken from safety glasses to ensure your peepers remain free from contamination. Apparently the darker ones are recommended for summer trail riding and open areas in spring and autumn, and the lighter ones are for – er – the darker stuff. Plus they look a lot better than some of the spaceman glasses people around the office have been sporting.

Price: £78.08 for the LG, £82.08 for the G

From: Rad8

Giro Blok MTB Goggles

259 (3)

GVM (for it is he!) is wearing these goggles in an attempt to prevent us from noting that he’s replaced his eyes with a flashy LED rear light in an attempt to look like a Cylon. It doesn’t work – it just looks like he’s constantly swivelling his eyes. Which is something he used to do a lot anyhow. The goggles have ‘Expansion View Technology’ which means that they’re shaped so you have a good field of view. Which is useful, we’re sure you’ll agree.

Price: £84.95

From: Giro

Madison Alpine Long Sleeve Jersey

259 (8)

Jamie here demonstrates his best Pirates of Penzance poses in the Alpine LS from Madison. Apparently it ‘stands up to the fastest tracks in the world’. w were under the impression that if you were using your jersey for that then you’re doing something wrong… it does have sublimated prints, a low profile Lycra cuff and 4 way stretch though, so it should be plenty comfy. There are lots of mesh panels for airflow, including one at the back which works when you’re wearing a neck brace.

Price: £37.99

From: Madison

Mavic Crossmax LTD 2015

259 (11)
Jamie’s impression of a bumblebee. Not sure how many bumblebees do that. Rrrrr, tiger.

Nun more camp. That’s all I’m saying. However, the jersey allows ‘optimal freedom of movement, comfort and breatheability to maximise the enduro experience’. YEAH! To be honest, though, I’d like to maximise my enduro experience by not crashing hard on every other stage.

Price: £55.00

From: Mavic

Pearl Izumi Women’s Launch 3QTR Sleeve Jersey

259 (6)

Hannah does her finest Superwoman (or she’s slightly annoyed by something) in the Pearl Izumi Launch.Sunglasses wipe, V-collar and lots of other features – including, bizarrely, a weather forecast (clear and dry).

Price: £44.99

From: Pearl Izumi

Specialized Andorra Comp Women’s Jersey

259 (9)VaporRize™ moisture transfer knit fabrics, sunglasses wipe, UV impregnable (up to 30 wotsits) and a relaxed fit. Nice.

Price: £35

Specialized Andorra Comp Women’s Shorts

259 (7)

PURPLE! And furthermore, shorts. UV impregnable with the number 50, 4 pockets, a longish inseam, and a relaxed fit, it says here.

Price: £80

Full set
Full set

Hannah has forgotten how to fly, with ‘amusing’ consequences.

Speclialized Andorra Women’s MTB Helmet 2015

259 (2)

This womens’ helmet looks good, and moreover has an extended back, lots of cooling, a ponytail feature (which Hannah the Shorn cannot demonstrate, sadly) and it complies with all safety standards. Sweet.

Price: £55

All from: Specialized

And that’s it for this week! All that remains is to wish each and every one of you a fond farewell… Toodleoo!

ST out.



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