Eurobike 2015: What the…? PART ONE

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A quick selection of the things we saw that ticked us… Part one! (because it was cram-packed with weird!)

DSC_1009 The Orbea team arrive in style. Actually, the guy who owns this Lambo apparently can’t drive (he’s taking lessons though)…DSC_1028“No, get a pic with both my hands in. It’ll look weird otherwise”. Oookay.

Our Jamie gets smoochy with Andrei Greipel, who apparently is a bit good at riding those skinny tyred things. But check out those cheekbones!DSC_1247 The Smith stand had its own resident pooch, fetchingly attired in pink.DSC_1124 Just parked up against a wall, this ebike looks industrial, and pretty funky, but otherwise unexceptional. But what’s that at the front? Let’s take a closer look:DSC_1125 Oooooookaaay. Well, it ticks all the boxes for a wrongun. It might work beautifully, but it’s got some moderate aesthetic issues. Make that severe.DSC_1076 The Thomson moss gardenIMG_0150 ‘Specialist literature’.

Specialist. Literature.








Literature.IMG_0151 A trike with a roof of solar panels. Elegant, and understated. And a bugger in a crosswind.IMG_0124We did like this Adidas/Continental trainer/tyre hybrid concept though.

DSC_1134I’m going to have nightmares tonight.

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    The Orbea team… it´s Sebas Romero, iammrshit on Instagram and definitely worth a follow. He seems to make a living shooting bikes, cars, motorbikes and naked girls. Nice guy too!

    “this ebike looks industrial, and pretty funky, but otherwise unexceptional”
    If that looks “unexceptional” then you guys have been smoking something eh!! 😉

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