Eurobike 2015: Norco

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Norco – the CAnadian bike company, not the erstwhile Scottish co-operative, are showing some cool stuff at Eurobike. First up is their full sus for kids. It’s not new but IT ROCKS! Here’s the Fluid 4, with 24 inch wheels:DSC_1048You can also get it in 20inch,  26inch, 27.5inch and 29 inch wheel sizes. Now that’s what I call a range. DSC_1050SO CUTEDSC_1056Here’s its bigger brother the 7.1. €2,299DSC_1041Here’s the Torrent – the 7.1 and 7.2 are Norco’s half-fat offerings. once upon a time the Torrent was Norco’s hardcore hardtail, and it seems that this year a lot of companies who are featuring half-fat bikes are pitching them as do-it-all machines.DSC_1042 There’s a cool dropped chainstay which increases the clearance and shortens the chainstays.DSC_1045 RockShox Yari on the front, too, for added BRAAP, and DSC_1043WTB Scraper rims for much wideness. DSC_1054The Norco Sight hasn’t changed much, although the fork length has increased from 140 to 150mm, after rider feedback. DSC_1051Cane Creek InLine? Don’t mind if I do.DSC_1059Same goes for the Norco Range, which gets a front end boost to 170mm from 160, for maximal schralpage (whatever that means).DSC_1061 The Revolver is Norco’s cross country bike. It’s been in development for a LONG time. But it looks completely gorgeous. DSC_1063 Horst link, Carbon frame, carbon swingarm, 100mm travel. All the bikes themselves are 1x, but you can buy a frameset with a mech mount if you want. They come in either 27.5in or 29in wheelsizes, too. Nice. DSC_1065And yes, there’s a hardtail version too.

All Norcos have a different sized back end throughout the size range on every model, we’re told to ensure appropriate front centre balance. All the tubes are size specific, too.

And Norco have started using a new measurement, called reach+ which is essentially reach (horizontally from the BB to the top of the steerer) plus the length of the stem. So you can also factor in stem length.DSC_1052And let’s leave you with the (also completely ace) Bigfoot 4.3 24in kids fatbike. Look, At. That.

More details of the Norco stuff here.

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