Eurobike 2015: Light & Motion

by David Hayward 0

Light & Motion had a range of lights on show at Eurobike, at present principally for road and commuter use, but they’re adapting aspects of them to be more friendly and useful to mountain bikers, not least of all their mounting systems. They’ve started a partnership with Barfly and are supplying various Garmin-friendly and GoPro compatible mounting systems. Neat.

The Urban 850 puts out the number of lumens you’d expect from that name. Yes, Urban lumens!
It has dimmer sidelights compared to their commuter lights.
Different mounts secure with a stud and machine screw combination on the base. Here’s a G0Pro compatible mount, half unscrewed.
There’s the stud the mounts all slide onto.
Then here’s the handlebar mount screwed onto the same light.
GoPro setup shown on a helmet. They have quite a bit of colour coordination in their range too, and even if it’s very dark, at least *you’ll* know your bits match.
Through a partnership with Barfly, they’ve dveloped this single mount for a Garmin and light.
The top side holds anything Garmin mount compatible.
While the bottom will accept anything GoPro compatible.
As well as bike lights, Light & Motion were showing a small range of sidekick lights for GoPros. This is the Duo, which has spot and flood LEDs.
Whereas the standard sidekick just has a flood.
Various mounting options exist, but this seemed like the neatest and most rigid. Hot shoe and other GoPro compatible mounts are also available.