Trans-Savoie Day One (VIDEO)

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Trans-Savoie kicked off over the weekend with riders from all-over the world getting their shred on with some of the best trails there is to offer.

TS 1

Day one started in the Italian bordered ski resort of Val d’lsere with competitors making a 2,500m descent over the six stages.

The first stage of the day’s action began at a tame* bike trail park to ease the riders into a full week of downhill alpine madness.

*Tame in perspective, but with 450m of timed descending, mixed in with endless berms and jumps, tame probably isn’t the best word to use!

TS 5

Stage two, or the “Comb Over” as it’s known, started at the sister resort of Tignes, where riders would need to tackle a challenging rocky-techy trail which led into a 500m descent through steep eroded gullies and paths.

TS 2

Stage three was new for 2015 where the racers would make their way down to the lake, threading into one of the most picturesque singletrack in the world.

The fourth stage also introduced a new trail, but this one was about speed, speed, speed. It had a 5+ technical rating, which for those of you who don’t know, is pretty insane.

TS 3

“Heidi’s Bottom” was next in line, where the riders would make their way onto even more new singletrack and then back up to the traditional Savoie village where they started.

The finale hammered through more rock drops and gulleys which proved to be a real chance for the top riders to have a go at smashing through the section.

TS 6

Frenchman Nico Lau leads after day one but only 30 seconds in from of compatriot Francois Billy Maitre. Jamie Nicoll finished in the third spot.

For the women’s, Meggie Bichard from the EWS leads by a staggering three minutes. Monika Buchi is in second with Kerstin Kogler taking up the final top three spot.

Full standings after day one available here.

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