New WTB PadLoc Grips

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WTB have announced a new, redefining grip line.

Re-defined grips for your gripping pleasure
Re-defined grips for your gripping pleasure

Named PadLoc, this piece of patented kit aims to provide more comfort to the handlebar as well creating an improved bar articulation.

The inside of the grip itself is angled at a slope as opposed to being rounded of like a traditional grip. This slides into a corresponding bit on the bar, and WTB believe this will end that annoying twisting and slipping.

Anyway, here’s Jason Moeschler to tell you more:


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    Proprietory bar as well then?

    Just cut them with a saw.

    yep cut that angled bit off the grip so they fit your bar.

    Damn neat!

    Sign me up.

    Are slipping lock-ons that much of an issue?

    Another problem I never knew I had…

    If my lock on twists, I do it up a bit tighter. Done. And if I’m riding on the edge of my grips, I get a wider bar. Plus for resale value of the bar, do you want to cut the ends at an angle?

    A solution looking for a problem? Yet again…

    I absolutely LOVE the bit where the magic happens….!

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