The legendary Missy Giove takes on Windham (VIDEO)

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Last Saturday saw the World Cup downhill circuit take to old-school Windham in the United States, with the return of the legendary Missy Giove.

Missy ‘The Missile’ qualified for the New York race last week with this run – and it’s good to see that the 43-year-old two time World Cup champion still hits the track with aggression in abundance.

A missile personified

But before you start to get excited at the prospect of seeing Missy in more WC DH events this season, don’t – she was arrested back in 2009 for possession of marijuana with intent to sell and she is under supervision in the state of New York till 2016, so she can’t leave the state.

The American finished 16th, 45 seconds off Rachel Atherton who topped the pile, which, for a 43-year-old who’s making her first WC appearance for 12 years, is pretty awesome.

Let’s all enjoy some classic Missile goodness (and my, haven’t things changed):


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    Ah you mean the convicted drug dealer who was could with 175kg of illegal drugs in her possession. I have no idea why she is being glorified now

    Clearly you read the linked story up there 🙂

    Maybe the music used in the edit should of been ‘hits from the bong’ by Cypress Hill 😉

    What was the photo take on a Potato?

    The dealer of drugs deemed so harmful they’re legal now and raking in tax dollars?

    Ace 🙂 I miss the 90’s they were more colourful.

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