New trail open at BikePark Wales (VIDEO)

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BikePark Wales, hope of some very entertaining runs indeed, has opened a new Blue, ‘Terry’s Belly”.

BikePark Wales Terry's Belly
Over two and half miles of singletrack? Yes please!

The track is the longest blue descent in the UK with a serpentine stream of sensuous singletrack which 4.2km, or, (for those of you who are familiar with BikePark Wales), the entirety of the main hill around which the park is based.

You lot can go and proceed to shred now! However, the official opening of Terry’s Belly [sounds vaguely surgical – ed]  is on Saturday 15th of August.

At this august happening, BikePark will also be celebrating their second anniversary, which involves inviting the public and sponsors down, along with tech guys from Shimano and Mojo who will be there to assist riders throughout the day.

The trail was built by the BikePark Wales team, who were working alongside Back-on-Track.

Here’s a video of what to expect:

Check out the BikePark Wales website for more info and whatnot. 

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    Had oportunity to ride it today, a great fun blue run that is long and deffinately has pedaly sections too. Cant wait to go down it in a train with a bunch of friends, it will shine then for sure!

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