Singletrack issue 100!

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Our next issue celebrates something very special: it’s the 100th issue of Singletrack Magazine! It’s packed with new stories, routes and product reviews as always, as well as a few special features to celebrate this milestone of monumental magnificence.

The (UNFINISHED) cover – guess who it’s by?
  • Atlantic Elements: riding solitary Hebridean singletrack and deserted beaches under the late summer sun.
  • The Classic Ride to end all Classic Rides: is the Lakes’ Four Passes route the ultimate in UK days out?
  • Morocco: exotic mountain riding that’s closer than you think – and it’s all thanks to the donkeys…
  • Japan: it’s all about cities and mountains, right? We find the stunning riding and incredible culture on the edge of where those two worlds meet.
  • UK-designed Bike Test: back in issue one, we reviewed three British-designed mountain bikes. In issue 100, we review three contemporary bikes from those same designers.
  • 100 Top Tips: bike industry gurus, racers and writers alike give us their personal tips on riding, training, racing, spannering, shooting and living.

//The bits below are in the Subscriber-only section//

  • Enduro2: Enduro is all about racing against your friends. But what about when you have to race with a friend in this new, two-up interpretation of the sport?
  • From The Archives: Apparently we haven’t always been this suave and cool. Some photos from the classic archive of the early years of Singletrack and its, er, handsome staff.

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    Any chance of prints/t-shirts with the 100 cover on?


    We’re working on it.. once sorted we will be shouting about it!

    Well, chop-chop then. 😉

    When’s it due to be sent out to us subscribers ( i’m hoping before next Friday – summat to read on the train ) ?

    Hello ernie67 the due on sale date for #100 is – 17th September (

    *edit* to above –
    due on sale date for #100 is – 19th September, 17th September is suggested subscriber delivery date.

    Wll there be a key ring??? *runs* (luckily my original safely under lock and key ;)..)

    Thanks singletrackjames ….i thought i might be pushing my luck !

    *frantically carries on writing*

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