Eurobike 2015: e*thirteen components

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Those e*thirteen folks were showing a lot of new stuff at the show – the company’s cassette, that we saw at Sea Otter is now near enough ready to roll. It comes as a 10 or 11 speed – with a 9-44T and 9-42T range respectively. The bigger two (or three) sprockets are machined from alloy, while the other eight or nine are very machined-out steel. It fits a SRAM xD driver only.

No UK price yet, but it’ll be less than SRAM’s equivalent and will be out in the new year.

The two jumbo-est sprockets are machined as a pair
Just add this lot to the rear pair and you have a cassette!
Three sprockets from the 11sp cassette
This is an unfinished chainring – just to show how it’s done

Meanwhile, nearly all of e*thirteen’s wheels are going over to a new carbon rim profile. There’ll still be a few alloy wheel models, but the focus is now on wide, 27mm internal carbon rims with a hookless bead. The hubs are the same as before, but there’s a new rim tape that’s stretchier and which conforms to the rim bed better.

New hookless carbon rim profile
Carbon TRS wheels waiting for a new owner


The carbon cranks are all built to downhill certification, but the TRS model weighs just 441g (without rings) and the LG1 DH crank is 459g.

XC cranks tested to DH standards. Should be pretty bomber, then.
Dial this in to remove play.
The bash/skid plate still has many fans. Clutches are only so good.
A front latch allows the guide to be installed without removing chain or cranks

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