Singletrack 100 Special Issue

by 25

Yes, issue 99 has only just arrived but we are well under way in planning for our extra special, 100th issue.

Not only do we have a special edition list of features including contributions from 100 of the industry’s biggest names, but we are really going to new lengths with the cover too.

We’ve developed a long standing reputation for breaking the rules when it comes to covers and for issue 100 we are doing something very special. Instead of a gorgeous image shot by one of the industry’s finest ‘togs’ we have commissioned Jo Burt, of MBUK’s Mint Sauce fame, to paint us a full wraparound cover.

A work in progress. What do you think should be on there? Click to enlarge

We’ve asked Jo to keep us updated on progress as he goes and he’s told us that as a work of art it is subject to changes and alterations. He’s also asked us for ideas and inspiration for what to include, so as well as the list of things we’ve sent him we thought some of you out there may have some ideas of your own. So, let us know what you think should be included on this very special issue. Post in the comments below or on this forum thread.

A UK subscription to our print and digital Premier package costs just £35 for 8 issues plus full digital mag access via tablet, mobile & desktop – plus a whole host of other extra benefits.

Singletrack was born in the middle of the infamous Foot and Mouth outbreak of 2001, which shut the entire countryside and pretty much put mountain biking in the UK to sleep for months – so not the best of mag launch timings. Since then we’ve grown and adapted into the magazine and website we are today, with a reach of over 2 million users every month across the mag, website and social media. Issue 100 will be a celebration of 15 years of publishing and will go on sale in September. Subscriber copies will be fatter and packed with even more content so if you want to make sure you don’t miss out then subscribe now and help us celebrate.

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Comments (25)

    Josh Bender, clearing the lot [but not looking good for the landing].

    That bloke with the tubeless spooge..

    A baby robin.
    A cat covered in Sudocrem.
    A man that looks like a badger pumping up a tire.
    A bloke squatting behind a bush for a post Picolax moment.
    Someone “owning” with Bombers.
    A fist pie.
    Chuck Norris.

    …and a Mint Sauce keyring 😉

    Rowan Sorrell’s broken leg.

    I honestly don’t mind what’s included in the artwork but I would like to purchase a print of the finished piece to hang in the man cave 😉

    Lenticular printing and turn it into an ‘animated GIF’ :o)

    Cake! There should be cake somewhere!

    An aeroplane landing on a conveyor belt needs to be somewhere on the cover.
    And also Badger and his tubeless tyre…
    ( for those of you too young to remember it)

    Two TJs arguing with each other on a tandem.

    A baby robin.
    A cat covered in Sudocrem.
    A man that looks like a badger pumping up a tire.
    A bloke squatting behind a bush for a post Picolax moment.
    Someone “owning” with Bombers.
    A fist pie.
    Chuck Norris.

    This ^

    A coffee grinder and machine.
    An Audi with bikes on the roof.
    A Swedish axe next to a neatly stacked pile of chopped logs.
    A wood burning stove.
    A road bike.

    And a Picolax reference, as above.

    Someone need to be having their shoes wee’d in.

    Moar wider bars – like proper crucifix riding style

    What Harry the Spider said 😀

    so we should expect to receive issue 100 sometime in 2017 then? after the keyring debacle you might wish to have a plan B for the cover. perhaps someone flouncing…

    Log burner
    Greggs sausage roll

    Some burning ostriches and cartwheeling penguins….

    also perhaps some reference to forum threads where people ask for “help” with artwork 🙂

    Mr Alker chasing some trolls

    A Friday Kylie, she’s only little so can fit in the corner
    And +1 for being able to buy a print

    But can the subscriber copy be covered with a huge advertisement
    (Yes I’ve been randomly logged off again)

    Article about Dave Hinde.

    Would love the option to buy a print. Also should have summer sitting in the corner (mint sauce reference).

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