Singletrack Cinema 9

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The ninth showing of Singletrack Cinema serves up a short but perfectly formed selection of bicycle-related eye candy to get you ready for the weekend. Or indeed start the weekend, if Thirsty Thursday is a thing in your neck of the woods too. First up, a rider’s eye vid from Gothenburg, Sweden courtesy of, who will show you their very green, very wiggly trails. Absinthe not included.

Matt sent us this link with the comment: “Best video this year. Fact.” Well, maybe – and here’s another fact for you: with the application of enough Motörhead, even a shot of your gran riding to the shops with a basketful of kittens stands a chance of becoming the best video this year. Hashtag RAWK.

The delightful Olly Townsend is one of Singletrack’s better-travelled contributors, thanks in part to his day job at bike tour operators Saddle Skedaddle. His adventures have sent him almost everywhere, including the Himalayas, and recent events in Nepal inspired him to put this edit together for fellow guiding company Himalbiking to remind us that, while donations are what’s needed currently, the country is heavily reliant on its tourist industry and will need folk to keep visiting to help the country get back on its feet. Exotic singletrack, stunning scenery and rickety cable bridges? We’re in.

Ever wanted to quit your job, move out of your house, live in your van and travel the world riding your bike? That’s exactly what Canyon rider Rob J Heran did, starting in Cape Town and chasing summer… Living the dream. Sigh.

Shimano’s Components of Adventure series looks like it’s going to be a staple in our ‘put down pen, pick up bike’ playlist. True, Calderdale and Chile aren’t exactly close bedfellows, but there must be some parallels – there’s a field of nice donkeys up the road from the office for starters… Not that we’re saying Thomas Vanderham and Andrew Shandro resemble donkeys in any way. No sirree.

And to finish things off, we’re just going to leave this here, because we like it enough to post it twice in one week. And then we’re going to go and ride our bikes, because SUMMER IS HERE AT LAST. We suggest you do too. Enjoy 🙂

Riding into the distance in a cloud of dust? That’ll do for us.

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