Tweedlove – Mechanic’s Tunes Part One

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Despite the sideways rain and the thicket of hail stones battering down on the pits this afternoon, the spirits were high with all the riders congregating around the Hope pits thanks to the magical melodies chief mechanic Rob Dodsworth was playing.


The tunes his phone were playing weren’t all that bad too, so we asked Rob what his top three “tunes for the pits” are and why.

In no particular order:

1. The Eagles – Lyin’ Eyes

In the words of Rob, “A very, very true song. When you listen to the lyrics, it’s all about my life”.

Rob’s a very smiley guy, so to quote the Eagles, “… to open doors with just a smile”, there’s some truth in that.

2. Simply Red – Fairground

“Fairground… Because with the likes of the Flanagans and the rest of the Hope riders it’s pretty much a fairground In the Hope pits. No one’s safe.

3. The Commodores – Easy

“Because I have an easy Sunday morning when all these guys are racing”

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