Throwback Thursday: The Joy of Bonking

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It’s a rite of passage for any cyclist and it’s the near-exclusive preserve of cyclists and long distance runners. It’s terrible to experience, yet we all fall foul of it despite knowing how to prevent it.

Chipps rounds up some sorry tales of brokenness.


Your body has roughly 90 minutes of aerobic energy stored away in your muscles and organs.That means you can go for a run, you can play football, basketball or ride a bike and you’ll be just fine.You can skip around without any ill effects at all apart from a little shortness of breath. If, however, you’re out for longer, as cyclists often are, or you’re doing several hard efforts in a day (like at a 24 hour race) then you need to top up your reserves or face the crushing debilitation of the bonk…

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Comments (5)

    I loved compiling this story. It’s reassuring to hear that other people have as bad a time as you do sometimes.

    Barney’s story reminded me of my 1st bonk. Luckily the old station at Bittern was open though. Cake never tasted so good.

    Brilliant story, happens to everyone

    Oh yes. Less than a mile from home, the roadside field edges never looked so inviting and sleep inducing. Only the memory of a cherry tree near home laden with fruit (in summer, this was the middle of winter) dragged me on and to hot tea and everything in the fridge!

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