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The headline to the Specialized Stumpjumper launch is that there are three models of Stumpy this year – 29r, 27.5 & 27.5+. But the truth is it’s actually four. The Rhyme is a Stumpjumper designed for women (in fact if you strip it down the frame is identical to the Stumpy). It has narrower 720mm bars, a womens’ specific Myth saddle, a shorter 350mm Command Seatpost plus a custom tuned women’s specific Fox shock. The range spans extra small (With appropriate 165mm cranks) to size medium, so no large sizes. Other than the shock and contact points all angles and lengths are identical to the standard Stumpjumper with the exception of the XS model, which has a ‘more rad’ 66.5 head angle. They stop the sizes at medium, so no large ladies here please. But then the spec of the Stumpy and Rhyme are so similar that tall ladies could just opt for a Stumpjumper over a Rhyme anyway.

One factor we really like is the appreciation that it’s not just blokes who may be interested in the top end models. Specialized haven’t stopped at the mid range for this bike but gone right through to provide the keenest of women (along with their associated deep pockets) an ‘almost’ top of the line Expert level carbon model for £4500. It’s not always the case that a manufacturer will allocate beyond the mid range to a women’s specific model. That said, the refreshingly gender neutral colour scheme coupled with the XS sizing will appeal to the smaller men and even very VERY privileged kids.

It’s interesting to note that although the Rhyme is available in the new 6Fattie (27.5+) size, with Boost 148 rear and ‘standard’ 27.5 size with 142 rear, there’s no women’s specific 29r.

Those actual specs..

RHYME 650                     XS         S          M
Stack (mm)                      587        590     599
Reach (mm)                    369        388     414
Head-Tube (mm)            95          95        105
Head-Tube Angle (deg)  66.5      67         67
B-B Height (mm)             335       335      335
B-B Drop (mm)               18          18         18
Trail (mm)                        108       104       104
Fork Length (full) (mm)    542      542       542
Fork Rake/Offset (mm)    42         42         42
Front-Center (mm)           663      677       706
Chain-Stay (mm)             420     420       420
Wheelbase (mm)            1082    1096    1126
Top-Tube (horiz) (mm)   539       558      587
Bike Stand-Over (mm)   719        737      743
Seat-Tube (mm)              386       396      430
Seat-Tube Angle (deg)   74         74        74
Handlebar (mm)             720      720      720
Stem Length (mm)         45         60       60
Crank Length (mm)        165        170     175
Seatpost Length (mm)    350       350     390

And the prices…

  • RHYME FSR EXPERT CARBON 650B – £4500.00
  • RHYME FSR COMP CARBON 650B – £3000.00
  • RHYME FSR COMP 650B – £2200.00
  • RHYME FSR COMP 650B 6FATTIE – £2500.00
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    “custom tuned women’s specific Fox shock” – can someone please explain that to me?

    It’s been tuned for a lighter rider

    I guess that makes sense, but shouldn’t that be the case for smaller mens frames too?

    The mens’s frames only go down to size small. The Rhyme goes down to XSmall. The thinking is that for a given size of stumpy and rider height a female rider is generally going to be lighter than a male rider and so the shock is tuned to allow the female rider to access the same range of shock stroke as the male rider under the same conditions.

    Mind you the women’s sizes only go up to medium so if you are a tall lady then you need to opt for a large Stumpjumper, with it’s not-for -ladies tuned shock… Oh its’ all so confusing!

    Ooh and it ćomes with the lunchbox too!

    So, just wondering. What is the reason manufacturers are moving away from making geometry changes for womens bike? i.e Bronson/Rubion and Rhyme/Stumpjumper being same geometry.

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