Singletrack Cinema 8

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Just in time for lunch, here’s a few inspiring videos for your delectation:

Round two in Nino Schurter’s HUNT FOR GLORY (these caps only work if you adopt the tone of a proper, growling, American movie voice-over – so please do).

A timelapse adventure build of a Shand Bahookie. Nice soundtrack (Four Tet FTW) and the most disturbingly clean build-space I’ve seen for a while…

Sacha Bickerstaff is a young up-and-comer in the world of DH (she’s 16). This vid takes a look at her local spots (niiiiice trails, srsly), her (somewhat nervous) Dad and her. A cool, well-put-together video.

On the 8th of June you can finally get your sweaty mitts on a DVD featuring everyone’s favourite Alluring Northern Gobshite Guy Martin, and his attempts to break various speed records. This is an EXCLUSIVE clip/trailer!! DVD is available for £19.99, and the Blu Ray is £24.99. Did someone say Father’s Day?


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    That Guy Martin, he’s a card he is, you’ve got to like the guy but it’s all too fast for me!

    That bike build one is not real, for many reasons.

    At no point does she throw a tool across the room and shout an epithet at the top of her voice with veins standing out on her forehead.

    At no point does she have to go online and order a part due to a compatibility mixup.

    At no point does she drop a small part and watch as it defies the laws of physics by accelerating with no discernible force acting on it so that it shoots under a shed/fridge/boiler.

    It’s the most fictitious bike maintenance type vid since the guy at Hope pulled the end caps off of a pro ii axle with his fingers.

    This is not how it really works.

    When did Lincolnshire become “t’ North” ?

    How long did that build take? So many changes of shirt top.

    Barney: the comment stands. South of the Humber.

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