Nepal fundraiser round-up

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Though it’s been shunted out of the headlines by the election kerfuffle, the death toll following the Nepalese earthquake continues to climb, and mountain bikers continue to be involved in the fund raising and relief effort. Here are three ways you can help – and we’ve made it easy for you, with direct links to each initiative’s fund raising page.

Photo: Guaravman Gorka
Photo: Guaravman Gorka

Daniel and Jenny Swift are ex-Todmorden residents who now live in Nepal. They’ve sent a link to the Nepal Cyclists Ride To Rescue appeal – the web page details exactly what they’ve found the situation to currently be in the area and what is needed by the survivors. Click here to donate to the Nepal Cyclists Ride To Rescue.

We’ve already reported on Yak Attack’s auction of an entry to the 2015 event, with all proceeds going to local, grassroots organisations. Bids close at midday on 15th May and again they are donating to NCRTR. Watch the stunning video from last year’s race, then head over to Yak Attack’s Facebook page to get your bid in.

Meanwhile, over on the forum the Red Cross appeal is going great guns and is onto its third page of donations. Click here to add yours. We’re proud of our forum for reasons just like this – you’re a caring and (mostly!) lovely bunch, so thank you, and keep it up.

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