A gritty, but cheery Dyfi Enduro

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The Howies Dyfi Enduro has been going as long as Singletrack Magazine has, since 2001. We’ve been there for every running of this classic Welsh event. It’s a non-competitive 60km day out around the Dyfi Forest, starting from Machynlleth – in a very impressive ‘shut the high street’ sendoff…

Misty is better than raining…
Despite heavy overnight rain, the course was mostly firm going
Ade from Howies was recording everything
One bottleneck on the first descent, but plain sailing after that
A fantastic ska band formed the hilltop entertainment this year
Despite the cold/wet/warm/close/wet weather, everyone seemed cheery
The feed stop offered sausage rolls and flapjack. And crunchy eyeballs
You ordered HOW MANY sausage rolls?
A pebbledashed Chipps made it round…
Everyone loves the finish – and free mug…

We bring you the results here: http://summit.smartdata.co.uk/results?event_id=11 and should have a guest race reporter soon.

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