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In a world where both Shimano and SRAM are making wide-ranging cassettes from 42T to 10T or 11T, it was hard to see what the ‘extra sprocket’ manufacturers were going to do to answer them. OneUp components have identified a niche, they believe, and they’re going to fill it: introducing the 45T XTR sprocket system!

No idea why they’ve got a green clutch switch. Want!

Essentially, if you run an XTR 40-11T sprocket, this little system will let you increase your gear range by 12.5%. OneUp state that your existing XTR (or presumably new 2015 XT) mech will work fine. You can increase your front chainring (should you want to) from 30T to 34T, with no loss of low range. And then, of course, you get an increase in your high gears – 34 at the front and 11 at the back = more fasterer, innit?

To ensure smooth shifting throughout, you also junk your 17 and 19T spider, and replace it with one 18T sprocket (which I suspect is made of steel; although the website only states it’s ‘not aluminium’ I don’t think it’s made of custard).

There should probably be a tiny pic of a T-Rex or something in the bottom left corner, for scale.

There is a weight penalty; the sprockets and cassette will weight 65g more, which doesn’t seem too bad, but that’s without the extra weight of the chain or larger chainring.

We’re getting a set in to test, so watch this space!

More information from OneUp Components

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    Is this *really* better than two rings up front .. he asked, having not used this at all… ?

    My opinion is its a lot of faff to almost have the same range as 2 x set up. Others view it as simple and neat solution. You probably wont loose that much [ range] on this design over a 2x set up though. IMHO 1 x are good for hilly areas but I would always want a granny for a MTB,


    Have to say I was deeply sceptical but having tried it I wouldn’t go back. The weight helps a little but that wasn’t what made it for me, and I found that it was a lot quieter and no matter how well I thought the front mech was set up sometimes it rubbed a bit or that you needed to mess about with both front and rear shifters to stop cross chaining. Less faff, more concentration on riding and a smoother drivechain with NW and a clutch (no chain device).

    I used to rely on the granny ring a bit too much and it’s forced me to up my fitness a bit too. 45 seems a bit OTT though!

    yes 1 x – good in theory for short stuff and will save the odd gram (which will be made up with mud!), but we have some big hills around here and it would be embarrassing to have to get off and walk! Granny all the way – still get a buzz from beating steep sections -who doesn’t – plus when you need to get home quick you can’t beat a triple with a 40 odd tooth through 11 especially on 50k -100k plus rides interspersed with road sections! If I had loads of cash to flash a 2nd bike with 1 x would be cool…..I’m with the first 2 guys above

    ^ what dufusdip said…
    My experience too. 34t front ring, and 11-42 on the back on an ‘enduro’ focused 29er has upped my leg strength for the climbs, wouldn’t go back to 2×10. Then again I have no problem doing a walk/jog of shame on the longer climbs.

    Have now mashed the Ace Components 42 rear so am ‘upgrading’ to a smaller 40t Hope T-Rex.

    1×10 with a 34 up front and 11:36 cassette works really well here in S Wales Valleys, had to man up 😉

    Seem to remember that shimano had a higher torque rated freehub on 9 spd 29er wheels, not sure if pushing boundaries of current freehub designs with the extra torque created by going to 45t sprockets.

    Surely the length of chain needed for 34 x 45 will be difficult to control at 34×11!

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