Grizedale crash reel

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We’ve got a full report on the way from yesterday’s round two of the Borderline Events PMBA Enduro Series at Grizedale – but while you’re waiting for that, here’s the crash reel courtesy of the always-awesome Whitenosugar Productions. Watch and wince…

Jenn Hill was the deputy editor here at Singletrack up until her untimely death from Lung Cancer in October 2015. She was and remains an inspiration to us all here at Singletrack. Jenn Hill - 1977-2015

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Comments (2)

    Kinda makes one feel.. well better,
    not everyone is Danny McCa.. or Hart then….
    Just wonder what/how the irrepressable Peaty would have tackled these sections..airborn one suspects

    That first bit through the trees was brutal. Well it was for me, but I’m out of control most of the time anyway.
    Great day!!
    Oh and if stage 2 is the same next year I’ll have a tube shop at the bottom of it.

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